Cup of Lava Sample Essay

I. IntroductionSalt. besides known as common salt. table salt.

stone salt. or halite. is an ionic compound with the expression NaCl ( sodium+chloride ) . Sodium chloride is the salt most responsible for the salt of the ocean and of the extracellular fluid of many multicellular beings. As the major ingredient in comestible salt. it is normally used as a condiment and nutrient preservative.

Because of its importance to survival. salt has frequently been considered a valuable trade good during human history. However. as salt ingestion has increased during modern times. scientists have become cognizant of the wellness hazards associated with high salt intake. including high blood force per unit area in sensitive persons. Therefore. some wellness governments have recommended restrictions of dietetic Na.

although others province the hazard is minimum for typical western diets.
Oil is any impersonal chemical substance that is a syrupy liquid at ambient temperatures. is non-miscible with H2O but soluble in intoxicants or quintessences. Oils have a high C and H content and are normally flammable and slippery ( nonionic ) .

Oils may be carnal. vegetable. or petrochemical in beginning. volatile or non-volatile. Oil is a fossil fuel. Most of the oil extracted today has been formed from prehistoric beings whose remains settled at the undersides of oceans and lakes 1000000s of old ages ago. As beds of deposit covered them. the force per unit area on them increased which in bend increased the temperature.

This procedure changed their chemical composing. finally transforming them into oil.II. Materials & A ; MethodsMaterialsThe stuffs needed for this experiment are a tall clear imbibing glass. 1/4 cup olive/vegetable oil.

1 or more teaspoon of salt. tap H2O. Food colouring ( ruddy.

green. blue. and any other colour you like ) . oculus dropper ( optional if your nutrient colouring is non in a dropper ) .

ProceduresTo get down the activity. make full the glass about 2/3 full of H2O do non make full it all the manner so that there is adequate room left for the oil. Add a few beads of nutrient colouring ( any colour that you have or you like ) . Slowly pour the vegetable oil into the glass.

Add several beads of nutrient colouring. Then sprinkle salt on top of the oil. Watch blobs of lava move up and down in your glass! If you liked that. add another teaspoon of salt to maintain the consequence traveling. III.

Density is the measuring of mass and volume. When a H2O ( higher denseness ) is assorted with oil ( lower denseness ) . the oil floats on top. This is because oil is less heavy than H2O. Salt has a denseness that is higher than either oil or H2O. so when salt is added.

a bubble of oil is formed around it and it sinks to the underside of the glass. transporting some oil with it. Because the salt and the oil put together are denser than the H2O. As the salt begins to fade out in the H2O. the oil is released and floats back up to the top of the glass. because it is less heavy than the H2O once more.

The oil and H2O didn’t mix because they have different mutual oppositions. Water has a charge ( like a magnet ) that attracts other substances. Oil on the other manus does non hold a charge. That is why when traveling through H2O oil looks like small bubbles but doesn’t mix with the H2O.


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