Curled Metal Inc. Sample Essay

In one-fourth we allocated gross revenues peoples wages. fillips. quotas and market portion establishing on the undermentioned information. British shilling
Bing oldest and most experient of all the five gross revenues people. we offered him a higher wage and high mark for the one-fourth because establishing on his experience he was capable of run intoing the quota and he deserved the wage. Bob needed a higher wage so as to maintain him motivated and thank him for being with the company for that long. Emily

She was the best gross revenues individual and had besides been with our company much longer. She was the 2nd highest paid gross revenues individual because of her public presentation and the regard she had in the company. Due to her eschewing the spotlight. we didn’t include her in the competition. Kevin

He had been with the company for three old ages. We allocated him third largest quota because he loves to takes hazards and he is extremely motivated. Jen

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She was still new to the company. We offered her the 3rd largest wage because she was extremely motivated and worked harder. Katie she was the cub of our squad. but was the most promising recruit our part had.


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