Current Gun Control Laws Essay

Dear Mr.

. Mayor, I write this memorandum with renewed consciousness and self-reflection. I write this in regards to the current gun control policies and regulations. In today’s society there are far too many mass shootings that innocently take people’s lives. These mass shootings are occurring in schools, movie theaters, shopping malls, compounds, public events, and at work.

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Numerous shootings have occurred in the past few years and the numbers continue to evolve.It is our responsibility as citizens to stand up and take charge of the matter. We can start this endeavor by enacting gun control. No one has the freedom to take another’s life from them and once a person has died not anyone can bring them back.

In this memorandum I will be mainly focusing on school shootings. Catastrophes will always occur, however, we as citizens can make a meaningful difference In preventing these shootings from occurring by Implementing stricter gun control regulations.Perhaps by enforcing antigen policies will prevent a hill, a teenager, a young adult, an adult, or senior citizen from making one of the biggest mistake of their life. Guns have no place in schools and schools are supposed to be designed not only for education but as a safe environment for children (Information for Gun Control, 2014). Yes, the Second Amendment gives citizens of the United States the right to bear arms (genuine. Com, 2013).However, at the time that the Second Amendment was established I do not think that children were killing children by walking Into a school and that our fore fathers envisioned the airlessness of gun owners and their lack of “control” of their own weapons.

Politicians today are heedlessly Jeopardizing those whose freedom and rights they allege to be protecting. It Is time for the Government to withstand an honest glimpse at the tragic occurrences that are taking innocent people’s lives, the lives of young children in these gun shootings whether they are accidental or intentional.Responsibility for these heinous killings need to be assumed and it is the Government that needs to step up to the plate and federally regulate stricter gun control policies. Stricter gun control policies should include mandatory registration of weapons with a five to ten day waiting period, licensing of all gun owners, required gun permits and purchaser permits as well. Also included in these regulations should be intensive background checks with no stipulations.

Unfortunately it is a fact that many of the guns used in these mass shootings were legally owned and obtained by the parents of the perpetrators. Other than the fact that schools should also have stricter precautions and security they must also have psychological observation and tracking. Yet another policy that would be welcomed Is responsibility of the parents in such that they too can be legally charged for allowing access to incompetent of securing a gun then perhaps they should not be allowed to possess one.


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