Cut-and-fold trees or stars Essay

Cut-and-fold trees or stars

Interlocking cardboard or paper shapes create three-dimensional
cards that stand upright but can fold flat for storage and mailing. Use
them as place cards, menus for a holiday feast, or greeting cards. Each
one takes just a few minutes to make and costs only pennies.

To make them, you’ll need 1-inch pattern paper or a sheet of
scrap paper, colored construction paper or thin cardboard, scissors, and
a pen.

To create several cards, start by making templates. Choose either
the star or the tree and trace its two shapes from the drawings above
onto pattern paper or a predrawn 1-inch grid. Cut out the templates and
trace them onto cardboard or construction paper. Cut out one of each
piece, in contrasting colors if you like. Cut slots in both pieces and
fold along the dotted lines as shown in the drawings. After writing a
menu or message on the inside of the card, fold both pieces part way and
insert the slots of the smaller piece into those of the larger piece.

To “prune’ the trees like the ones above, cut thin
triangular wedges along the branches at about 1/2-inch intervals.

Photo: Pop-up tree (above) and star cards (right) can announce a
menu or carry greetings. Transfer pattern below onto paper, using a
1-inch grid. For tree, cut out tinted shape; for star, cut on black


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