Cyp Core 3.2 Essay

CYP Core 3. 2: Promote child and young person development 4. 1-Explain how own working practice can affect children and young people’s development. People who work with children and young people will have a massive impact on making a difference to children’s lives by supporting and helping them through their development. I feel my setting has a huge impact on children’s development in a very positive way. All of the staff members encourage the children to join in different activities and help them to build positive relationships with that member of staff of other children.All the children have their own key person were the child will bond a good relationship with the adult, and they can feel that they can go to them whenever they feel down or they want to talk about something.

The key people also works alongside the children to progress their development and decide on their next steps to improve their learning even more. They will also monitor if they see that a child has a learning need and if they need a 1 to 1 or any extra professional help. When the babies hit the age 2 they are able to move downstairs to the 2-5 room.

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They have trails before they officially move down so that they can get used to the new surroundings and they feel confident. It will also allow them to interact with older children and get used to the new staff. This will help their self-confidence and self-esteem as we gradually introduce them to the move instead of bringing them straight down and them becoming upset and unsettled. The reaction of how the child responds will let the staff know if they child is ready to move downstairs or not. If the staffs aren’t comfortable with the move then they will do a few more trails and keep them upstairs until the child and staffs feel ready.

Communication between staff members are extremely important, as if an important message needs to be passed on that member of staff needs to receive it. The communication between staff members and parents are also very important as any information that needs to passed on can be. It will also give the parents an outline of how their child is progressing and what they have done good or bad today. My setting does this speaking to every child’s parents at the end of the day to tell them what they have been up to, if they have done anything good or bad, and also what they have eaten so the parents know how much or little they are having.Staff members work together to plan different activities for the children and to make sure everything is safe to protect the children from harm. My nursery follows the EYFS Framework.

4. 2- Explain how institutions, agencies and services can affect children and young people’s development. Institutions, agencies and services can all have an extreme impact on a child and young person’s development. This could be in a good or bad way. These can be improved through multi-agencies working together and offering children with extra help and support if they need it to help their learning and development in their early years.If a child has learning delays and finds it hard to progress, agencies and services can improve this by guiding them through their learning and supporting and giving out information that may be relevant to help them.

A child with a disability may find it a lot harder to learn and develop then an average child would do. They can have extra help by a few different agencies working together to meet their needs. This will give them the best outcome they can have to have a good life in the future. There are loads of different agencies and services out there to help and support different children with different learning and disability needs.


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