Dang Vu Hoang Anh Lop chieu thu 7 – chu nhat Some people say that boys and girls should attend separate schools

Dang Vu Hoang Anh
Lop chieu thu 7 – chu nhat
Some people say that boys and girls should attend separate schools. How far do you agree or disagree?

Whether boys and girls should attend the same schools is a matter of remarkable controversy. Some people believe that it brings a number of benefits. However, many people hold the view that it is not beneficial for the children. In my opinion, I agree with those who are in favor of allowing their children to attend in co-ed schools for the following reasons: coeducation is a good learning environment for students, and it also gives a chance for children to learn from the opposite sex.
First of all, co-ed schools provide a good educational environment for both boys and girls, because they can be treated equally in education. When they study together in the same environment, they will have a chance to carry out a chemistry experiment in the same laboratories, read books in the same libraries, have the same regulations concerning rewards and punishments, and learn from the same professors. Furthermore, diversity is another vital consideration in the learning process. A class with boys and girls will bring different points of view between opposite sex, so students can know more from the others’ ideas and feelings. Also, classes with the co-ed environment will enable students to prepare for the real life. For example, most of the work environments have both men and women, so it will be much easier for them to deal with it in the future if they adapted to the environment in coed schools before.
Another reason for my belief is that, as boys and girls study together they can learn from each other. Because both genders do not have the same point of view sometimes, so they can learn or refer to thoughts from other to know how the world is through another mentality. They will be more open-minded and respectful to others despite their sex, religion, or background. Also, as students study in the same educational environments, they are more likely to understand what a person of an opposite sex tends to think. For example, while females are emotionally fragile; therefore they should learn how to be courageous, and males should learn to be careful and diplomatic like females as well. In addition, the knowledge of opposite sex is also necessary, without such knowledge, students easily become embarrassed when they have to deal with relationships with opposite sex, which becomes extremely difficult, especially in the working environment in the future.
Finally, some people oppose same-sex schools because they think that males and females cannot work together due to the diversity in gender. They believe that boys and girls are not able to draw attention to their study if they study together. A single-sex school can eliminate the distraction from members of the opposite sex, and therefore is academically beneficial to students. For example, a boy can be absorbed by a beautiful classmate and he cannot focus on what the lecturer is teaching. Or a handsome boy can avoid the attentions from the other girls. Moreover, both girls and boys in all single-sex schools can establish himself or herself more easily, since their colleagues have the same ways of thinking, and they are able to learn in the same environments. Therefore they can avoid the situation faced by young men or women, who study in co-ed schools such as the struggle to survive emotionally. They will able to focus more on their academic curriculum, and carefully prepare for their future education and career. The single-sex setting eliminates social distractions and allows for better concentration on academics.
However, taking into account of all these factors, I reach the conclusion that boys and girls should attend co-ed schools, so that they can learn from each other, communicate with each other and they can know each other well, which is valuable for their future.

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