Darfur war Essay

There are three major conflicts in Sudan with three main causes. The war in the south is caused by the greed of the attacker while the war in Darfur is caused by the absolute need. The combination of both need and greed becomes the cause of the war in the Nuba Mountains. Due to the high population of both livestock and human beings in Darfur drought has turned out to be the major cause of war. The need to survive by the Arab pastoralists who are seeking shelter in Jebel Marra causes war as they have suffered the effects of drought for a very long time. They are therefore forced to struggle with the already settled Fur farmers who are in Northern part of Darfur.

The frequency and the intensity have been increasing with time since mid 1980s. The pastoralists were only given permission to take their livestock to graze in Jebel Mara after the fur harvest and they could stay there until the start of rains in April. The prolonged drought in the area disturbed this cooperation that existed (Mamdani, 78).ICC is a “broadminded” body that deals with cases of human rights violation. these bodies were given the task of investigating the idea by certain groups of people that had considered the war in Darfur to be genocide. To them, the term is used to refer to deliberate and systematic destruction of a whole ethnic, racial or a religious group and hence the war in Darfur can be considered to be the genocide, war crimes and Crimes against humanity.The Security Council has been blamed for the war in Darfuur. The ICC prosecutor has accepted that genocide is being committed in Sudan and he claims that al-Bashir as the leader of the country should be held responsible he should be answerable to the judges in the ICC the Hague.

The judges of the ICC after analyzing the report of the judges have placed a ruling that genocide has not occurred in Sudan and is not even likely to occur. They only claim that war crimes and crimes against humanity have been committed. ICC Appeals Court, rules support for the idea that the ICC could judge Sudan’s president with genocide and that the decision not to charge him was wrong.Work citedMamdani, Mahmood. Saviors and Survivors: Darfur, Politics, and the War on Terror.

NewYork: The Doubleday Religious Publishing Group, 2010, pp. 11-101… 


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