Dark Souls 2 Cheats: Complete Boss List and How to Defeat Them Essay

Dark Souls 2, the latest action RPG tile from developers From Software and publishers Namco Bandai, has a tough gameplay and lives up to its predecessor’s name and reputation for its level of difficulty.The game, which was released on 11 March, won rave reviews. However, the ‘boss fights’ in the game can be very frustrating and punishing for players.

The Last Giant

– This will be the first boss fight that players face in the Forest of Fallen Giants.

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Last Giant stomps at players, so be careful not to be near his feet. Players have to take him down by attacking his health and attacking him from behind. Never be patient with the giant. Attack him while dodging his attacks and make sure that he is defeated completely. Players must see that they have enough space while attacking him.;

The Pursuer

– After the defeat of the Last Giant, players will meet the Pursuer in the Forest of Fallen Giants but this is optional as he will been later too.

Though known for his speed, he can be defeated by ‘timing’ your attacks. When the Pursuer comes charging with his slash attack, players must seize the opportunity and roll out of the way and attack him from the right side. When it uses the 3-move attack, first two moves must be blocked and then roll to the left to avoid the third.

Dodge him and keep attacking to bring him down.;

The Dragonrider

– It is found at the base of Heide’s Tower of Flame. It must be challenged on the small island that can be expanded by activating a switch that is found behind the Old Knight across the water. However, do not come near the edge as it will push you to death. It is slow moving, players can stand behind it and use magical attacks. 

The Old Dragonslayer

– Players will also find the Old Dragonslayer in the tower of the Heides Tower of Flame after defeating the Dragonrider.

Though its primary attacks are physical, it also makes use of dark magic spells. This can be defeated using lightening and magic. Further, all attacks on the Old Dragonslayer must be on his left side, especially after he had made his attack. 

The Flexile Sentry

– Players will meet the Flexile Sentry in the ship in No-Mans Wharf, which gives players limited time since the ships gets filled with water. There are two sides for the Flexile Sentry, one attacking with swords and other with clubs. Players must engage the club side which are slower.

Players have to attack them quickly when it pauses between attacks. Players are also warned against coming too close to the Flexile Sentry as it might open attacks from its sword. This can be avoided by running away. Players must also make us of the mast in the middle of the room, by blocking its attacks.


The Ruin Sentinels

– – There are three of them – Ruin Sentinel Alessia, Ruin Sentinel Ricce and Ruin Sentinel Yahim. Ruin Sentinel Yahim will be found on a platform in The Lost Bastille. He will be attacking you as soon as you meet him, so be cautious. Try to dodge or block him. Be careful not to fall from the platform as this will make you fight all the three Sentinels. Players have to give way when Yahim attacks, and then launch attacks him on his life side when he pauses between attacks.

Next is Ruin Sentinel Alessia, who has to be attacked with a ranged weapon. His attacks are similar to that of Yahim but with a shield. Players must attack when its shield is down. When the boss performs its jumping attack use the opportunity to attack atleast twice, weakening it significantly. Now move to the corner of the platform to face both Alessia and Ruin Sentinel Ricce. If the fight continues on the platform, then there will be less space but their shields will protect them but jumping down, though damages you a bit, gives you more space. Eventually, they will throw away their shields and attack, try to dodge them.

Attack only one Sentinel at a time for more damage on them. Attack after every block or dodge. Another tip is to have a good shield, since it will really help. 

The Belfry Gargoyle

– You meet Gargoyles in the Belfry Luna where players will have to battle only 3 Gargoyles at a time. When the fight begins, players will get atleast 10 seconds with the first one, make good use of it and make quick attacks. Players have to use defensive tactics against Gargoyles. The best time to hit them hard is when the use their flame breath to attack. It’s also possible that they attack each other when close enough and are hit from behind.


The Lost Sinner

– It is found in Sinners Ride and it is a close combat where the Shield is mighty useful. Players can circle the Lost Sinner and use a fast weapon to defeat it. Also, players must use the Bastille Key after the defeat of Belfry Gargoyles to get a door opened, now use the torch and light oil in order to light up the boss area.;

The Executioners Chariot

– Players entering the Undead Purgatory will find skeletons attacking them, so attack two of the nearest and run to hide from the Executioners Chariot which has a two-headed horse. Follow this step as you keep avoiding the chariot. Players must kill mages that they find on the way since they are likely to resurrect the fallen skeletons. Once all skeletons are dead, players will find a switch that has to be activated on the left side.

This switch will lower the gate and now you will face the horse. This is a fierce battle where the shields are of no much help and you will get tired easily, so be quick in your attacks and dodge his attacks. The horse is vulnerable when he pulls out a breath attack so players can hit him then. Also, the horse and skeletons are vulnerable against fire so use it to the maximum.;

The Skeleton Lord

– Here too players will have to face three enemies and you will get little time to make the headway into the fight. You will be chase d around the arena in the Huntsmans Copse until you kill a lord.

See that you attack the mage as they stand still. The death of one Lord will lead to the summoning of group of skeletons which must be defeated before you kill another lord.;

The Covetous Demon

– You will find the Covetous Demon on top of the Harvest Valley. This is a slow demon and is easy to dodge.

Two things players need to be aware of – Do not stand close to this enemy as it can roll and hit with its tail. It has a slow recovery time so launch multiple attacks on it. Players can also distract the demon by breaking some pots in the area, and one will contain an undead. The demon will be confused and distracted by the undead, allowing you to launch more attacks on it and defeating it.;

The Baneful Queen Mytha

– Players have to note that they have to go to the Central Earthen Peak bonfire, where a small ledge will take them to the windmill that has to be burnt down. Clear up all the poison pools in the area.

Fire is the most effective weapon against Baneful Queen Mytha. The Queen has some powerful attacks, so the player has to deliver attacks quicker. One way to avoid her attacks is to keep moving and be aware of the magic attacks, which will be delivered by moving away from you. Use this opportunity and make attacks and avoid her magic spells.;

The Smelter Demon

– Players will find the demon in the Iron Keep. When it comes to half its health, its blades fire up but it has to charge its fire in the battle, so players have to attack it during this time.

Though vulnerable after the leaping attack, players must beware as he can also launch AoE blast at such juncture. The Smelter Demon can be defeated by the use of magic.;

The Old Iron King

– Players will find this near the end of the Iron Keep. Players have to trigger its three attack moves that involve the boss swinging its arm, hitting it hard and either using an energy beam or sweeping it across. Once this is triggered, players can run around the corner and go to the arena’s entrance where it can do no harm. His weakness is when he takes a break, players will have to attack the arm that is resting. Do not use fire attacks on him as he is resistant to such attacks.


The Scorpioness Najka

– This is found near the end of Shaded Woods. This boss uses melee attacks when close to it and magic attacks when far. Players need to stay close to it and follow it. Be careful not to dodge when a magic spell is cast on you. When dealing with melee attack be careful on its underground attacks, which can be countered with standing on a stone slab.

She also attacks from her tail be it gets pinned. 

The Royal Rat

– Found after you enter Royal Ray Authority area, you will be attacked by four poisonous rats, so kill them quickly, now as you go ahead, the Royal Rat will attack with the claws, at this opportune moment, roll under him and target his legs. One of the difficult attacks to avoid is its charge attack, only a stronger shield can withstand the attack. When the boss is around 15 percent of his health, he will spit poison, so avoid this and continue to attack him, your victory will be definite. 


– This is a spider boss and hence vulnerable to fire attacks, however, it launches powerful melee attack coupled with unwanted energy beam.

It will also try to eat you by opening its mouth wide, try to dodge during these scenarios. Players must not come too close to her as it can crush you under its feet. So only place that can be attacked is her head, and rest of the time see that you dodge the webs and also the webs she spits. 

The Royal Rat Vanguard

– Royal Rat Vanguards are able to respawn rats so after entering the area, kill the rats and take on Royal Rat, do not allow to the rat to respawn. 

The Rotten

– This is an undead boss whose weakness is fire.

It does not give much time and space so attack it quickly. Be aware of its one hit kill attack, where it will grab the player. It also attacks using magic and sweep and slash attack and lastly vomits poison. Also watch out for fire pits in the area.


The Looking Glass Knight

– Brace your character with magic and lightning powers as this will be helpful in your battle against the Looking Glass Knight boss. He uses melee attacks and magic, so keep close to him and avoid its magic. Get a shield to protect you. He also can summon a phantom with his shield so players must attack him as soon as you see phantom as it takes time to attack. After phantom’s death attack the boss but be careful lest he uses his magic spells on you.


The Demon of Song

– He has a two stances, a closed one and open attack, the latter cannot be stopped, so be careful to be as close to him as possible since staying far will allow him to charge you. Moreover, he is quick, so your dodging too has to be faster. Do not let it grab you.

Keep dodging the Demon this will enable you to fight.;

The Velstadt

– He is known for his wide sweeping attacks and can cast spell on himself. Attack him when he tries to cast a spell, know that his defences and his power increased when activated. Best way to attack him is keep dodging and attack when possible.;

The Guardian Dragon

– This will be found at the end of Aldias Keep.

Since this is a dragon it can breathe fire, however, while firing on ground the target is fixed, so avoid it and attack him from a different angle. Get as far away as possible when he blows the fire since the flame will not be covering lot of distance. He also bites, uses his tail and claws – these can be avoided if players manage to stay close to this boss as its accuracy is poor.;

The Ancient Dragon

– It is found on top of Dragon Shrine and attacks form ground and air. On ground, players have to take refuge beneath its head and when he starts breathing fire, run out. When on air see that you are just beneath him or behind him to reduce your damage.


The Giant Lord

– This boss is too powerful and dodging is the only way out. Stay close to him but dodge when he tries to crush you under his feet. However, he is quite slow, giving time for the player to attack and anticipate his moves.


The Throne Defender and Watcher

– Players will have to fight two enemies near the final boss. Players can summon NPC phantoms but be aware that your enemies cab resurrect whichever among the two dies first. So once you kill one of them, attack the other with gusto before the other’s resurrection. The mainstay of their attacks is melee but they are known to also use magical spells.

Players can deal these by poisoning them. 

Nahandra, the Final Boss

– This is the last boss, and she is known to use three attacks – the cursing orbs which are effective at close ranges, close combat using her scythe and long-distance beam. Though orbs can be destroyed using weapons, see that they do not build all around you. When she wields her scythe, block or avoid her. Her long-distance beam can also be avoided by dodging.

Players can also summon NPCs.


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