Datalogging project Essay

Environmental loggers (r) is a new Company based on 90 Birmingham roads. The company just opened few months ago. The company’s business is on local level.

Environmental loggers (r) wants to deliver office environmental checks such as. Temperature, light intensity,

Environmental loggers (r) opened 2009/10/12.

The company’s board consist of 6(key) members

* Manager (Mr Long)

* Vice Manager (Mr Carrot)

* Chair man (Mr Wood )

* Secretary (Mrs Paper)

* Vice Secretary (Mr Folder)

* Treasurer (Mr Coin )

The real user is the employees and the manager (Mr Long).He is the company’s key person he is also the person that ordered this project

The company’s current problem is:

* The company is new and has no previous documents

* Company has not necessary equipments

* Needs data logging system

The reason why these problems have arisen is because the company is new.

The company has not had the opportunity to do something about the arisen problems yet.

Statement of the current problems

“The company is currently facing difficulties with logging data, . The company needs these problems to be solved as soon as possible, as we are ready in all other aspects to go in business. As an outcome of a not working solution to these problems, could lead to Money losses and unstable company as well as bankruptcy .The outcome of an not working system is a serious threat to the company’s future and our chance to compete against other companies. As the companies head person I want you to be able to log temperature and light intensity

The finished work must include the attached User Requirements below.

Your estimated time scale to finish this project is very short, as the company is losing valuable business time. You have approximately 4 working days. This time can’t be exceeded. You should have done any necessary error checking before the system can be introduced. You are the person in charge for this project and the person responsible to make sure that the estimated time scale is not exceeded.”

Mr Long

Objectives/user requirements


1. Measure temperature

2. Measure light intensity

3. Show data/results in table

Measure temperature

* Measure temperature in Celsius

* Be able to measure temperature changes in minimum of 0.5Co

Measure light intensity

* Measure light intensity in candela (lv)

* Be able to measure differences of a minimum of 1 candela

Show data/results in table/graph

* Be able to show results in table/graph (spreadsheet)



Measure temperature

My company wants to measure temperature , so we must be able to have equipment that measures temperature. Furthermore the equipment must be able to measure temperatures in minimum of 0.5Co.this objective is very important

Measure light intensity

My company wants to measure light intensity, so we must be able to have equipment that measures light. Furthermore the equipment must be able to measure light intensity differences in minimum of 1 lv. This objective is very important as well

Show data/results in table

The results must be shown in tables and graphs, the results must also be able to be processed by Microsoft Excel. My companies main focus is to sell this data to companies , which makes this objective the most important




Data Logging

* Accurate

* Reliable

* Easier

* More features

* Measures things people can’t notice

* Smaller range

* Sensitive

* Software needs to be purchased

* Requires equipment

* Needs computer system

* Cots money


* Cheap

* Help full

* No IT skills needed

* Can be done by everyone

* no software needs to be purchased

* No equipment needs to be purchased

* Not accurate

* Not reliable

* Not sensitive

Data Logging

The company will use logging equipment of different kinds to measure temperature and light intensity. The data recorded will be processed by a computer and the output will be presented as table and graph

Estimate (human)

In this option a person (sensible person) will estimate the temperature and light intensity. The person will estimate if the Office environment is comfortable. .


Data Logging


Measure temperature

Measure light intensity

Show data/results in table


When I compared the different solution to this project a looked at how well they meet the User Requirements and the Disadvantages to that certain Solution. I also compared this in the tables above and it was obvious that the Data logging was the best solution. It did cover all the user requirements and it had many advantages and few disadvantages. The data logging was also far better than all other solutions.


Hardware: ( computer)

* Intel(r) Viiv(tm) Core(tm) 2 Duo E6320 Processor (2,6 GHz,1,700MHz,32MB cache)

* Genuine Windows Seven(tm) Home Premium – English

* 2048MB 667MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM [2×1024]

* HP(tm) 24″ Black Wide Flat Panel (E207WFP)

* 500GB Serial ATA RAID 0 Stripe [2x160GB 7200rpm drives with DataBurst(tm) cache]

* 16X DVD+/-RW Drive

* 256MB nVidia(tm) GeForce 8600GTS graphics card

* Printer

* Ink (colures)

* Keyboard-mouse

Logging hard ware

* Temperature sensors (sensitivity of minimum o.5 C)

* Light sensors

* (sensitivity of minimum one candela )


* Windows Seven(tm) Home Premium(plat form )

* Necessary drives to additional hardware (mouse,keyboard,USB sticks )

* Graphic software

* Web-browser

* Microsoft Excel

Data collection and Input


I will use Databases so I can back up my data, as it is small businesses I will Use only one hard drive on 500GB Memory to back up. The idea is that the company would have all information saved on one hard drive ..the hard drive will also operate 24hours a day. And the company will Install Antivirus Program as it reduces the risks of Data-loses. And in addition to that the company will Install Norton Ghost As it will help to prevent data loses in system crashes.


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