Theadvancement of technology has led to the production of new types of cars thatare powered by electricity and computers.

Today electronic cars are limitedsince there is a lot that needs to be done to improve on the battery as well asthe engine so that it can run for a while without having to recharge too often.In 2016, over 4 million hybrid vehicles were sold in the United States. TheUnited States comes second after Japan which has sold over 5 million fleets.

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Hybridvehicles were introduced in the market in 1999 and since then over 4 millionvehicles have been sold (Plumer). Thehighest selling hybrid vehicle in the United States is the Toyota Prius whichhas sold over 1.6 million units since its inception. California has been thestate that is leading with the sales of electron cars having sold over 55thousand hybrid vehicles. The sale of hybrid cars in the United States declinedin 2007-08 during the financial crisis but in the recent years more people arecommitting to purchase electron cars (Plumer).In2015, 1.

26 million electron cars were sold and are operating on the roads. Thestabilizing of the electronic battery which allows the car to operate forlonger without the need to recharge it makes it not only affordable but alsoreliable. People are getting more accustomed to the charging plugs that areavailable in many locations as opposed to gas stations (Plumer). The chart belowindicates the number of electronic cars sold from 2010-2015 and it indicatesthat more people are getting accustomed to the idea of driving an electron car. Theelectron vehicle has a rechargeable battery which the owner can remove to rechargeand replace it with another.

The fact that the vehicle is powered byelectricity means that there will be reduced amount of carbon in theatmosphere. The electron car is reliable since it indicates in advance when oneneeds to recharge the battery and how long it will take for the battery to lastbefore it dies out (Westbrook). 


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