“de-Globalization” (Indeed, the World Isn’t Flat!) Essay

De-globalization” (Indeed, the world isn’t flat! ) 1 The proposed paper will begin with a discussion of a worldwide issue –globalization. However, its focus will be the opposing side of this issue – de-globalization. Since the phenomenon of globalization is a commonly researched sphere, it will be more challenging to prove the opposing ideas. In addition, the knowledge I hope to gain through this research paper will help me to better prepare for my politics studies.Inevitably, there is a process of economic and cultural integration between countries to some extent; however the term “integration” is often confused and replaced with the term “globalization. ” Despite the fact that de-globalization is an emerging concept, which lacks thorough and comprehensive research, it is still accepted by some politicians, economists, and historians, because official statistics indicate that the world, indeed, is not “flat. (This concept will be explored in the paper). In order to create more sophisticated and explicable arguments to support the idea that the world is indeed not “flat“, the paper will make a clear distinction between “integration” and “globalization,” on the one hand, and “de-globalization,“ on the other.

While the paper will provide comprehensive reasons for why the world is “flattening,” it will also provide historical and economic data, which will be valuable for constructing a valid argument against the idea of “flatness. ” Furthermore, aspects such as migration, wireless and distance communication, economic investment, and trade organizations will be used to argue against the globalization process, since these factors have contributed to the coining of the term de-globalization.Considering these factors, the intended thesis of my research paper will be close to the following: It is generally accepted that globalization is a process that generates domestic and international cultural and economic flows, and networks of information. It has brought people, countries, and markets closer, thus making off shoring or out sourcing possible; however, a closer look at the data (research) reveals that we are not as globalized as we thought.


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