The Dead Poets Society Essay

During the movie we enter the worlds created by the boys as they try and break free of the work and tension they face everyday at school.

Welton is a traditional school for the elite. It’s purpose to turn fine young boys into businessmen, doctors or other members of an established and well paying profession. Life at Welton is dull and boring everyday of the week, that is why they become easily inspired to break out of their boring everyday reality and start taking risks.The inspiration for there breaking free or cutting loose comes from their new English teacher Mr Keating who tells them to make there lives more extraordinary then they are, “Carpe Diem boys! Seize the day! Make your lives extraordinary! ” The different worlds that are created by the boys breaking free are different for each character and represent there individual needs and wants that reflect each boys personality. The first world we enter is the world of the club ‘The Dead Poets Society. ‘ This world is of a secret club created by the boys, to escape the stresses of school.This club or secret society is totally against school rules and regulations and is the beginning of the risks each boy beings to take.

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The feeling of taking a risk is taking more risks and pushing them to the limit. There are images such as mysterious darkness and fog as they are entering the cave for the first meeting, which represent the change in world. The second world is the individual world of Knox Overstreet as he seeks to find some one that he could love and would love him back. He meets a girl Chris that he falls for almost immediately as she has all the qualities he could ever want. However she has a boyfriend.During the scene of Chris’s party that Knox is invited too, Knox decides to take a risk. The risk proves to be a bad one and he finds himself lying on the floor with a bloody nose and a black eye, however he doesn’t give up hope to be with Chris.

He trys and trys and eventually succeeds in winning Chris’s love. The third world is the individual world of Neil Perry an ambitious boy of the group that dreams of being an actor, however his father has totally turned him away from his dream. Neil decides to peruse his dream despite his father’s actions to prevent him having anything to do with acting.A risk Neil is willing to take and in the days that the movie is set the consequence for disobeying a fathers words is a harsh punishment.

Over time Neil decides to tell his father and his father comes to watch one of his performances. Neil has the lead role and shows a lot of talent however his father refuses to tolerate his son acting and going against his word and withdraws Neil from school Welton and tells him that he will be going to Harvard to become a doctor. This is his fathers dream rather than his own and Neil decides that he’d rather not live than live the dream of his father.

The final risk Neil takes is the risk of suicide.The forth world we enter is of Charlie Dalton also known as Nuwanda. Charlie makes himself to be the clown of the group, getting himself into a fair amount of trouble. Charlie is the ringleader of ‘The Dead Poets Society’ and respects all ideas of the society, even turning on a friend for going against the societies ideas.

Charlie takes risks such as the prank he pulls during the assembly to the headmaster and being the leader of the secret society. The fifth world is the individual world of Todd Anderson. Todd is a new boy. He is very shy and feels out of place and bewildered. The world of Todd is too be known and herd.We see a big change in Todd over the movie as he starts to come out of his shell. The major risk taken on by Todd occurs at the end of the book when he stands up during the English class that the headmaster was taking due to Mr Keating’s sacking.

He stands up in protest, he knows that Mr Keating is not responsible for Neils Death. The whole class supports Todds Protest and shows their respect to Mr Keating by standing as he leaves the classroom. The worlds that are created are created by the cutting lose on reality or taking risks, these worlds are escape on the dull repetitive and boring everyday life they live at Welton.


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