Dear Sharon

Dear Sharon,
How are you recently? I hope you are in the pink of health. Holidays had just passed. How was yours? I had a really fun and memorable time during my holidays. Do you interested how I spent my holidays? I couldn’t resist to share with you my holidays life.

During the last summer holiday, my family had planned to Pantai Morib for picnic. It was a nice Saturday morning. The gently wind breeze and it was quite a cold day. We arrived at the beach rather earlier and got a fine spot to lay out the food. Pantai Morib is such a marvelous place. The sand is so white and the sea water is so clean and clear. I can see many fishes in the water and can see there was a lot of crab climbing in and out of the sand. What a beautiful scene!

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As usual, my mum would make sure to bring enough food to feed an army. My brother and I were so excited and ecstatic. We quickly change into our swimming suit that we had just bought and jumped into the water. We shivered because the water was as cold as ice as it was still early in the morning. My brother was beyond excited while my father took out the new flouts that he had bought at the nearby store. He could not stop jumping up and down just like a monkey. We played happily and were in high glee.

We then swam until our skin wrinkled up like dried prunes. Later, we built some sandcastle and put some baby crabs in it like it was crabs’ kingdom. After that, we collected many beautiful and unique seashell by the seashore. We also did not forget to buy some souvenirs and took quite a lot of pictures at there. It was so wonderful!

Maybe you can join us next time. I reckon you sure will enjoy this trip very well. If not, we also can go fishing at my village or climbing up the hill to enjoy the beautiful scenery. We can learn a lot about the flora during those trip. It was quite a list of activities that we can do in the next school holiday. Do you fancy joining me? I hope your answer is ‘ yes ‘ instead of no. I have to stop now. Don’t forget to reply my letter.

Your best friend,


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