To my dearest daughter Rosy Essay

I am writing to tell you about something very important. I dearly regret not spending enough time with you all these years. Your farther left me no choice but to leave you. I was a young girl of twenty with a future ahead of me,. I wanted a good career and enjoy my life with my friends; your farther made me choose between you and my career. I chose my career.

He said how are you going to look after Rosy? He knew I couldn’t take care of you. He won’t allow me to get a babysitter, as they could not be trusted those days. Some turned out to be paedophiles; kidnappers there were all sorts. We already don’t have that many relatives in this country and the relatives we do have are elderly with health problems or have children and jobs of their own.Your father thought I would not be able to do my mother-job properly if I had another job. So he moved abroad and took you with him, he took you away from me; I felt really angry and mad at your father for a while.

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As the years went by anger cooled down as cool as ice, my temper went up extremely when your father said no again and again and denied access. I then got on with a shudder, as I wanted a good career. I studied six years and became a doctor. My friends who had studied with me started to get married and have children that’s when I realised on what I was really missing. It was a loving family and children of my own, then that’s when I started to get in contact with your farther for some access in seeing you.

You’re father denied access but I kept on trying to get access to you and even went to court to try and win my right. But your farther is a wicked man and always managed to make the judge win his case I felt really frustrated as I have much more right in seeing my daughter than your father, I mean he is always at work and can not really spend much time on you. Why is his is heart as hard as a rock? I really regretted this so much now,I wish I had never left you Rosy. I really want to see you my sweet daughter, how I would do anything to see you even if it is only for a few minutes.

However, unfortunately, I never did gain any access to seeing you, now I have finally but unfortunately it’s to late. You may be wondering why it’s to late in coming to see you. I will now tell you my sweet daughter, It’s came all of sudden, it came has a big shock.I was experiencing some pain my stomach and I thought is was just indigestion and took the indigestion tablets hoping that it will cure the stomach pain. The pain grew intensively worse every minute-Three hours had passed and I was in great agony and pain that I called 999;I was rushed in to the ambulance in a hurry. When they took my to hospital, I was taken at a fast pace to the accidents and emergency department.

They did some tests, like blood a test, to see what was wrong with me. As they were sure that indigestion cannot cause such a catastrophe. The test results came back and my worst fears had been confirmed.

I had stomach cancer.I am now in a hospice and writing these last very words from my deathbed. Doctors say I only have about four days left. I just want to say ” I love you very much indeed and please forgive me for abandoning you all these years”, I feel like my whole life has been wasted. I might have had a good career but what does that matter.

What I really wanted in my life was to have a loving family. You may think that id not much but it is. I would do anything to get a loving family. Rosy never do what I did, having a proper loving family is more worthy than gold.Meaning having a loving family is hundred times better than having a good job.

I am not saying don’t get a good career. I am saying to both. Have family and career balance things in your life. Life is precious not waste a single second. Don’t think you are young to die. You never know tomorrow may be your turn.

Rosy what will make a happy is if you don’t make the same mistake as me. If you do you will never forget it. You will regret it for the rest of this life. You have a life ahead of you take control of it now, not waste it like I did.From your mother whose dying,Love you to bits and I will always will do,I really regret with all my heart what I have done please forgive me,I really wish I could make up all the lost time we missed,Once again Rosy follow the advice I gave and remember I love you to bits.


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