Death Penalty Speech Essay

I believe that the death penalty form of punishment should be abolished because it is inhumane. The quote by Mahatma Gandhi says, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”. Revenge never solves anything; it only makes the matter worse. It means an endless cycle of violence. The death penalty sends the wrong message to people. Does killing a killer any more right than killer killing someone? There are more effective ways of dealing with the murderers.

Death penalties are probably too good for the prisoners.With a death sentence, the suffering is over in an instant, while a lifetime of imprisonment is suffering for a long time. In prison they are in a cage with an environment of violence and they are treated like animals. Also the death penalty is pointless because it won’t bring the victims back to life. Revenge and hate will not cure their sickness.

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The only way to cure their emptiness of their hearts is to forgive and move on with your life, not just dwell in the past. Death penalties usually cost several times of that keeping them in jail for life. The U. S.

ourt goes through a whole deal of trouble before allowing a death sentence to be carried out. Appeals, hearings, briefs, and so on take out a lot of the judge’s time, which can be used for other matters. Think for an example of a terrorist. Do you think they would rather be killed by a bullet instantly and become a martyr or suffer humiliation in prison for the rest of their lives? For example, let’s just say Osama bin laden’s death.

Would it be better if he was killed instantly with a bullet, or be humiliated in an American prison and possibly obtain information?


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