Decision Tree Essay

Decision Tree Psy/410 The scenario chosen for this portfolio involves a woman seeking help with her addiction to methamphetamines. She wants to free her life from drugs but does not know how or where to start.

Missouri offers several organizations and hotlines to help individuals get clean and sober. Center for addictions, SIGMA house, and Carol Jones alternative opportunities are all rehabilitation centers that offer both in and outpatient treatment. The Burrell center has a collaboration of counselors to help as well.The agency chosen to contact is the SIGMA house. The initial step is to call and set up an assessment.

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Then she must complete the program that is determined from her evaluation by the counselor. After completion of the program her continuing a life of sobriety and attending classes and therapy are essential. * What is the best way to access the organization’s services? The best way to contact the organization is to call SIGMA house and set up to see one of their counselors and complete an evaluation that determines the level of treatment an individual needs. Is this the best number to call? 417-888-0283 * What are the extents of the services offered? The services offered are inpatient residential services, outpatient rehabilitation, individual and group therapy, SATOP programs for DUI and DWI offenders, and state and federal programs such as drug court. * What are the criteria for clients to receive these services? Who is eligible? Everyone is eligible and there are sliding scale fees for those individuals with financial difficulties.Outpatient treatment requires detox to have happened before entering the program.

* How does the organization provide continuity of care to clients? What additional services will be available or offered to clients once they become involved with this organization? SIGMA house provides group therapy, classes that teach relapse prevention skills, continuing individual counseling, family educating group, and a very intensive 12 step program. Will you be able to have contact with your clients once they are involved with this service/organization? Yes * What is the organization’s policy on client follow-up? Client follow up relies mainly on the individuals want to continue their counseling and therapy sessions after completing their rehabilitation program. * What role do you or your agency play in responding to emergencies? The agency provides information for the client to take the steps needed to reach their goal and the encouragement to seek the help they need.


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