Decreasing population Essay

Decreasing population growing rates and increasing length of service have resulted in a turning population of the aged the universe over. Caring for the steadily turning aging population is a planetary concern today. In the words of United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan ( 2002 ) : We are in the thick of a soundless revolution. It is a revolution that extends good beyond demographics.

with major economic. societal. cultural. psychological and religious deductions.And it is a revolution that hits developing states harder than others. and non merely because the bulk of older individuals live in developing states. but because the pacing of ageing there is already – and will go on to be – far more rapid.

Among the developed states. the United States of America is an illustration of the rapid growing of the aging population. In 1991. the mean life anticipation at birth in the United States was 75.Harmonizing to the U. S. Bureau of Census ( 1996 ) . individuals aged 65 and older formed 13 % of the entire population ; current projections put this figure to make about 20 % between the old ages 2020 and 2030.

Aging chiefly is a physiological life-long procedure. get downing at construct and stoping with decease ( Kart. 1994 ) .

Persons grow old whether they like it or non. These alterations. both positive and negative. topographic point demands on the aging person’s abilities to get by with and accommodate to new life state of affairss. It is a challenge for any given society to help their aged in get bying with the new life state of affairss they are confronting.Unfortunately.

the rapid societal alterations taking topographic point in society do non ever lend themselves toward assisting the aged meet the demands of their life state of affairss. For one. the attitude toward this population is non assisting them cope with it every bit good. Harmonizing to historian Fischer ( 1977 ) . the old is regarded as useless. unattractive. and unwanted particularly in the West. Colonial America.

for illustration. was a topographic point in which the old. non the young person. was exalted and venerated. honored and obeyed. Today’s America. nevertheless.

is characterized by more negative than positive sentiments about aging and old age transmutation.A period of gerontophobia has easy succeeded the epoch of gerontophilia ( Fisher. 1977. in Doress-Worters. & A ; Siegel.

1994 ) . Traditional civilizations have frequently held their seniors in high respect. seeing them as depots of wisdom to be transmitted to the following coevalss ; older adult females. particularly. are frequently seen as therapists ( Doress-Worters & A ; Siegel. 1994 ) .

The book of Exodus ( 20 ; 12 ) says. “Honor your male parent and your female parent. that you may hold a long life in the land which the Lord. your God. is giving you” and the book of Sirach ( 3 ; 12.

13 ff. ) says. “My boy. take attention of your male parent when he is old ; sorrow him non every bit long as he lives. Even if his head fails. be considerate with him ; vilify him non in the comprehensiveness of your strength…” To set and to boom in a new environment. the aged demand to be physically healthy.

to hold social support. equal fundss. medical attention.

recreational installations. and have defined societal functions and the similar. Agencies and private forces which set up places for the elderly may look at the increasing figure of ageing people as merely concern chances.

Most of these homes-for-the-aged may non hold trained forces to cover with the psychological and emotional jobs the aged face particularly the issues related to their holding to be “institutionalization” . or being “abandoned” by their kids ( Butler et al. . 1998 ) . Even some counsellors have the attitude that their clip and energy are better utilised working with younger people who may finally lend to society.

than blowing it on the older people ( Gladding. 2000 ) . It is unfortunate that the old have. in some sense. go the new castawaies of this society.

This survey hence. looked into the experiences of the senior citizens of Gladys Spellman in the place for the aged. their apprehension or thought of well-being and the constituents of good being based from the perceptual experiences of Gladys Spellman decision makers. As more and more aged are placed under institutionalized attention in modern-day society. a survey such as this is needed to research this phenomenon.

It would cast visible radiation into the subjective lived experiences of the aged from an administrators’ position point. This would besides lend to the literature in this country and service as basis for farther surveies in this country.


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