Definition Analysis on Patriotism Essay

Harmonizing to the American Heritage Dictionary. nationalism can be defined as: love and devotedness to one’s country” . This seems a wide adequate definition for a word that is frequently used by people.

but rarely closely examined. One person’s pattern of nationalism might be regarded as lese majesty by another and visa-versa. In modern twenty-four hours America it is assumed that to be loyal is a virtuousness. particularly in times of national crisis.

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This paper will look at the uncertainness environing what the word really means in world.On 9/11/2001 the USA was attacked by terrorists and for a clip afterwards it became really stylish for people to wing American flags. to flag spines on their autos with “we support our troops” on them.

But can this truly be regarded as “love” or even “devotion” to one’s state. It might be argued that it is really easy to set a spine on one’s auto: it takes a few second and so the individual can bury about it. If this is what it means to be “patriotic” so it doesn’t seem to intend really much at all. Other definitions of nationalism include support for the government’s policy of the clip.Therefore those who supported the Vietnam war were regarded as “patriotic” ( good ) by the Nixon disposal and those who did non were regarded as “unpatriotic” ( bad ) .

But the bulk of Americans came to oppose the war. and so was the American authorities really disloyal through traveling against their wants? The inquiry needs to be asked of what a “country” is. If a state is made up of the people who live in it. which seems a reasonable definition. so it is loyal to back up what the bulk of them support. This definition of nationalism will therefore alter with the altering sentiments of the people.

At one minute it may be loyal to back up a war ( when the bulk support it ) and at another disloyal ( when a bulk are against it ) . If state is something more than merely the group of persons who happen to be citizens of it so nationalism can be extended even further. If a state is an thought. so the station unpopular thoughts might be regarded as loyal. Defending a state may take vision for the hereafter. Thus environmental groups might be regarded as loyal because they seek to continue the American landscape for future coevalss. It becomes clear that the word nationalism means a myriad of different things.

This is non a bad thing as it shows that there is a assortment of thoughts. as is necessary within a free society. Often people accuse others of being “unpatriotic” merely because they disagree with what the other individual is stating. This is a bad tendency within the state. It shows a really narrow point of position and definition of nationalism. What happens if an sentiment alterations in the class of someone’s life. as frequently happens? Patriotism should be defined in as broad a manner as possible.

It is in fact disloyal to propose that other people do non love their state because they differ with you on some issues.This is particularly the instance in a state that prides itself on being free and democratic. Freedom depends upon the ability to accept sentiments that differ from your ain and to esteem those people who espouse them. There are of class certain Acts of the Apostless that in fact are disloyal.

For illustration if a individual decides to fall in ground forces of another state in order to contend against the 1 he was born in so that is disloyal. Not caring about one’s state either manner is besides disloyal. A batch of people live within their ain little universes and do non believe that their state effects them.In their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours lives this may be true. but it is non the instance when something of import happens.

Therefore when you are attacked in a foreign state the first inherent aptitude is to reach your embassy. As your state looks after you. so you should look after you state. This may look a hard thought much of the clip as people tend.

rather of course to be involved in their ain lives. This is a good facet of life in a free society: nationalism is non forced upon you. A individual can make up one’s mind to be loyal or to be disloyal depending upon their point of position.Accepting that pick is a signifier of nationalism in itself. To reason. nationalism is the love of state. This love may be expressed in many different ways. For one individual it may be functioning their state in the armed forces.

for another it may be learning kids so the country’s hereafter is assured. For another nationalism may be doing certain that the state lives up to its rules even in the most hard times. All these different people show nationalism and they should esteem the different definitions of others as they would desire to be respected themselves.


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