Definitions Computer Pc Term Essay

Definitions Computer Pc Term BY Toting As what I know about those definitions when I hear grandmother Mary Ellen has decided to get a computer, so I would define the following terms and concepts for her making a new ideas. PC is a short terminology of personal computer, which include software, hardware and operate system. In there, hardware is all what we see and what you touch, such as keyboard, mouse, monitor, video card, hard drive ,… Etc. Operation system controls the computer, operates the hardware with driver.

There are many operate system such as window XP, window 7, window 8, Red hat, Bunt, Linux, snow leopard, lion, etc. Software is programmed and invisible. It runs under controlled of operations, for example, window media player, Microsoft office, Nero Burner, Power DVD is software. There are many company sale personal computer, and Mac is the name of Apple’ product, when people say Mac, we can think of that can be a desktop computer of Apple’s brand, Mac mint, or Mac pro. World Wide Web is a biggest social network, is visible which can to connect whole oral as one.

Internet meaner get into the World Wide Web network or people called with different name, “online”. URL is the link of the website, likes the address for the home, many houses has an address, so the web need an address to located it too. Weapon is a part of internet; people design the weapon for marketing, business, write Journal, or sharing. Many collections of websites network, a cloud. Download is a term to get something from outside of the computer. For example: USB, CD room, file from internet.

Other hand, Upload gets something from your computer to outside, such as Usb, CD Room, and Website. Web base email is websites name, behinds the symbol “@”. Example, my email of UH is [email protected] Du, and uh. Du is a web base email. Email program is the software, uses from computer to explore mails online, is Microsoft Outlook a good program to browse the email. Email attachment is the file include with mail, can be a picture, a document file or it can be a short video. Please let me know if you have additional information need to ask. I will look forward to hear from you.


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