Deforestation Of Tropical Rainforests Should Be Stopped Essay

In the world we live in today, at this hour, this very minute an industry, small company or individual is cutting down a tree in one of our world’s oldest living ecosystems, tropical rainforests. These natural biomes of the planet are vast, magnificent, beautiful structures, which don’t deserve the little respect they are getting. Trees are being cut down and taken away from rainforests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no pay back. Imagine someone took money or even a pride possession away from you without asking or giving you something in return. You would probably consider it wrong. So why shouldn’t deforestation, taking from a rainforest also be considered wrong. A stop has to be put to destroying and taking from the rainforests, before it is too late.

Many industries use the rainforests of the world, the Amazon, for example, as a main source of income. Some companies use mining, farming, oil extraction etc, as business, but most specialize in logging, tree cutting and wood collection. The consequences of this type of industry are very negative. Not only are human natives, animals, and plants homes destroyed in the localized forest, but there are many more long term problems, on a much larger scale.As a result of deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest many indigenous people have had to move to other parts of the forest to escape lack of hunting opportunities, and the general destruction of their homes. The 90,000 identified plants and vegetation types of the forest are also at great risk of being lost forever. Like human natives, animals are rapidly losing their homes, many species are in danger of being lost also. Effects such as leaching of soil making it infertile and hazard to the forest’s overall structure, are some examples of the long term damage being caused to the Amazon and rainforests like it all over the world.

Important that these problems are, there is a greater issue to consider, the global effects such as the green house effect.In not too many years from now, probably during yours and my lifetime problems caused by the build up of green house gases will almost certainly start to take place. A large increase in the amount of green house gasses in the atmosphere is a result of parts of the world’s rainforests being destroyed. Some of the large rainforests of the world are considered by some as the ‘Earth’s Lungs’, keeping much of the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere down to a good level.

Because of deforestation much of these gases have been prevented from being processed causing the green house effect to be more evident. If the rainforests of the world are not looked after, large decreases in the amount time we have left until effects of global warming, are inevitable.Industries today are not looking at the bigger picture. Their businesses boom for the short term; our planet sees red; the human race is put at great risk. To prevent the range of effects of deforestation, limitations must be put on the amount of trees that are cut down in rainforests.

Alternatives such as manual, artificial tree planting or designated tree cutting areas must be looked at before it’s too late. Although alternatives would take much longer for produce, industries need to try other methods before their livelihood is put in jeopardy.When we look at the statistics over 500 trees in the world’s rainforests are cut down every hour. This shows immensely, its not surprising that if deforestation is not prevented and greatly reduced the problems and effects I have listed will happen much more frequently. We the people have to realize that these rainforests are ours, they were given to us, this is our world, our home, so we must look after it.

So next time you go to buy a wooden table, chest of draws or wardrobe make sure you check the label. Consider the leaflets you are given on tropical forests. Please, save your home, save your rainforests, save your future!


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