Deinstitutionalization: Is It the Right Choice? Essay

Deinstitutionalization is the process of in which people were taken out of institutional mental health facilities and given treatment in their own communities. Many people criticize this choice for being either beneficial or harmful to the patient and or the public. I stand in the area where i do believe if a patient is stable enough to take the drugs that allow them to live a normal life without having to deal with the mental illness, this will allow the “patient” to live a normal life.Deinstitutionalization is beneficial in many ways it can allow the mentally ill to live a normal life whether it be with family or just making them feel like they belong in society. If the patient was restrained in a mental institution or medicated in prison it will not only possibly make the illness worse because of the restrictions , but it will also hurt them psychologically because they will feel like they belong to be divided between normal society .Deinstitutionalization is also a much cheaper option because they are only prescribed medicine instead of being treated like a animal.

Deistituanalizarion is beneficial for the patients as a given option . deinstitutionalization is beneficial only if the patients meets the criteria i believe the patient must show improvement before they are released in the public they must show complete commitment . nce they have shown their improvement and choose to be set free it will give them a sense of accomplishment this alone will make them feel full of potential and will most likely be able to interact normally in social environments because they will know they conquered their illness even though medication is still necessary. Why would people see deinstitutionalization as a bad choice? It can easily be seen as allowing an insane person out into the public , with all the media showing how people are in mental institutions it can easily be seen as allowing a possible serial killer out into the public.It has some truths because it is true most serial killers have had a mental ilness. If so people believe that having the mentally illed in the institutions for their whole life seems very appealing because it ensures the safety of their community and in a way saving the mentally ill from themselves. So in conclusion i do believe both sides have both their pros and cons i do believe that everyone deserves a second chance no matter what the crime , illness, or conditions of any situation .

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Having someone isolated from society for their whole lives for having a born into illness is just inhumane.


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