Dekek’s Restaurant Sample Essay

Aims:?To promote more the eating house to the populace.?To introduce their alone menu’s.?To attract more clients.

The RestauranteDedek’s Restaurant opened last September 08. 2012 and it instantly ranked top 4 in the CALABARZON Region. They have their alone formulas ; they serve bill of fares and dishes without any flavorers and additives. This eating house can suit 80 to 100 kiss of peace. It is located in Cuenca.

Batangas near the Cuenca Market. The proprietor of this eating house is besides the proprietor of the Dedek’s Grocery Store in Cuenca. Now. they are constructing a map hall above the Dedek’s Restaurant for any occasions like for seminar intents. birthday parties and response country.

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DELIVERABLES and PROJECT SCHEDULESTo advance more Dedek’s Restaurant. so we propose a motorcade parade for the coming 1st twenty-four hours of February Year 2013. This parade will take 3 hours. The ground why we propose this undertaking is to present the Dedek’s Restaurant. its delightful formulas and bill of fares. With the aid of the employees and by the cooperation of the proprietor and friends with their minibikes. we will be able to put to death this undertaking.

To inform the client about the Dedek’s Restaurant. we recommend to set a hoarding in the boundary of Cuenca and Mataas Na Kahoy. in Lipa and Lemery.We will set up this hoarding on the last twenty-four hours of January Year 2013 and will be displayed for 3 months.

The budget for this hoarding will come from the company.During the motorcade parade. we will besides give circulars for the customer’s information. The budget for this will besides come from the company.
HUMAN RESOURCE PlanFor this undertaking. Mr. Azores. Mr.

De Leon and Mr. Perez will fall in the motorcade parade utilizing their ain minibikes. While.

Ms. Villapando. Ms. Maristela and Ms. Castro were responsible in giving circulars during the motorcade parade for 3 hours.
Communications PlanWe recommend the director to garner a meeting for the employees to speak about the approaching motorcade parade and the giving of circulars.

The cardinal message of this activity is to advance the alone formulas. bill of fare and the different atmosphere of the eating house. For the motorcade parade and circulars.

we focus to pull the Cuencaneos and tourers.
RISK MANAGEMENT PlanClassHazardForces HandinessSome employees are non available and don’t privation to take part in the activity so we are missing in participants.
Personnel SkillsSome of the members of our group were non able to come in our meetings so they can’t give their sentiments and suggestions to add in this undertaking.ScheduleWe were lack in clip to hold nice agendas. because we have different clip handinesss.

Sometimes. we merely meet wholly during the CORPCOM hours.CostOther members of the group merely have adequate budgets. so they can’t afford to come during the squad interview.
Change ControlOur group doesn’t have adequate budget for the program.
CommunicationThe group can’t understand the undertakings good.

because of the altering programs. We had a small spot jobs in communicating. because of the different reactions on one’s suggestion.StakeholderSome of our group couples are non attentive and concerted.


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