Demeter: the Goddess of Grain Essay

Demeter the Goddess of Grain Many of the Greek gods and goddesses have certain domains that can help keep the world in balance or cause unfortunate things to happen. The goddess Demeter was the goddess of grain and crops. Many mortals would pray to her for a great crop season. Even the Demeter was thought to be the mother of grain and harvest, she was also determined and kind. Being in charge of the growing seasons, she had thousands of lives of mortals in her hands. That is why so many of them would pray to her.

Also, Demeter is given credit as the first harvester.As long as the humans praised her she would give them a great growing season. Demeter, like many of the other gods and goddesses, very much so enjoyed being worshiped. Demeter was also a very determined goddess because she had such great focus.

For example, when Demeter lost her daughter she searched for nine days with no food. She then found someone that her daughter, Persephone, scream and Demeter did not stop searching until she found her daughter. Something else about Demeter is that she is very kind.

An example of this is how she will give humans crops and grains.Mostly she does so during the spring and summer by making the air warm enough to grow things. She made the earth cold and bitter in the winter and fall because Persephone was in the underworld with Hades.

According to mythology, you can still tell when Demeter is unhappy until this day because of the seasons. Even though Demeter plays a very important role in the Council of Olympus and the lives of humans, many people have not heard of her. She also showed her determination when searching for her daughter, which shows how kind of a mother she is.


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