Democracy and Society Hyper Pluralism Sample Essay

The framers of the Constitution established a representative democracy. Political scientists have developed at least three theories of American democracy — pluralism. elitism. and hyper pluralism.

A. ) Pluralist: Pluralism is the theory that a battalion of groups. non the people as a whole. regulate the United States Elitism: elect theory is a theory of the province which seeks to depict and explicate the power relationships in modern-day society Hyper pluralism: Hyper pluralism is the same as the pluralism theory with different position. While people who believe in pluralism is optimistic. hyper pluralism is a pessimistic and utmost.

B. ) In the Pluralist theory citizens play an of import function in political relations. They can organize groups and advance their involvements ( involvements groups ) . In Elitism theories. citizens have a limited engagement because of the unequal portion of power. in the sense that others are favored more and those citizens in this are limited of look.

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C. ) The Elitism theory is a theory that accepts group’s concerns and grudges but the power is given more to the elite ( superior ) . This theory promotes democracy by allowing persons signifier groups based on common involvements. but it limits them because elite’s sentiments and concerns matter the most and that which is an imbalanced portion of democracy. Though the engagement is apparent. the representation is unjust. traveling against ideal democracy which is for the people of the people by the people.

Choice # 2
The Constitution has been amended over clip to reflect alterations in the American political system. No issue has received more attending among these amendments than that of voting rights.
A. ) The 15th amendment gave all American citizens. no affair their race or wealth. the right to vote while the 19th amendment gave adult females the right to vote after 100s of old ages of being cut off from society and their natural rights. The 26th amendment besides had an impact on voting rights by it changed the vote age of 21 to 18 old ages of age. now younger Americans are able to hold their voice heard in political relations. B. )

The 15th amendment has changed the nature of the electorate because it allowed slave’s signifier being forbidden to vote. The 19th amendment allowed adult females to vote fixed the spread between the two sexes ; adult females were now opened excessively much success through this one of import alteration. The 26th amendment changed the vote age signifier 21 to 18 because those drafted to war stated that if they were old plenty to contend they were old plenty to vote. Through all these alterations caused a addition in the vote population and more good elections.

Choice # 4
The Federalist system in the United States was intended to split power between the federal authorities and province authoritiess. Since the creative activity of the federal system. nevertheless. power has tended to gravitate from the provinces to the federal authorities. A. ) McCullough v. Maryland

“Maryland passed statute law to enforce revenue enhancements on the bank. James W. McCulloch. the teller of the Baltimore subdivision of the bank. refused to pay the revenue enhancement. ” “The Court held that Congress had the power to integrate the bank and that Maryland could non revenue enhancement instruments of the national authorities employed in the executing of constitutional powers” This gave the province authorities a sense of what type of function they play in important determinations. The higher terminal of the authorities sentiments affairs most unlike the lower terminals. similar to the elitism’s theory. B. ) Federal grants to provinces: “federal grants are economic assistance issued by the United States authorities out of the general federal revenue” This shows which authorities is like the large brother and can make much more of a occupation when it comes to assist and help. This once more goes back to the Elitism Theory. because the federal authorities is more superior to the states authorities.


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