Demonstrative Speech Outline

This demonstrative speech outline will help you organize your steps and make writing your demonstration speech easier. This outline on how to groom your dog is simple, yet has all the steps you need to go through to prepare a great demonstrative speech. It’s easy to ‘customize’ this guide to suit whatever topic or skill you plan to demonstrate.Just ‘plug in’ your data to each of the areas below and you’ll be well on your way to creating an effective ‘how to’ speech that will wow your audience members.

Speech Topic: Start of Demonstrative Speech Outline

General Purpose: To demonstrateSpecific Purpose: To demonstrate how to properly groom your dog (replace with your topic).Central Idea: You can save money and bond in a big way if you groom your dog yourself. Introduction: How much money do you spend on getting your dog groomed? $30, $40, $50 or more? Today I will demonstrate how to properly groom your dog at home.

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This will not only save you money, it will also help create a stronger bond between you and your furry friend! Transition: Okay, let’s get ready by gathering everything we will need.Body: (Use at least 3 main points) 1. Gather Materialsa. Brushes (explain different types of brushes for different dogs) b. Towels c. Nail Clippers (explain how to clip nails without cutting the quick) d.

Cotton e. Special Ear Wash for Dogs f. ShampooTransition: Now that we have all the grooming equipment, we need a dog! Here Fido! 2. Grooming steps a. Brush dog to get rid of excess and matted hair b.

Clean ears with Cotton and Ear Wash c. Wash/dry dog d. Clip nails 3. After Grooming a. Praise Fido for being such a trooper b. Give Fido a treat c.

Pet Fido for awhile and do the bonding thing Transition: Doesn’t he look great. Summary: Grooming your dog is pretty simple. Simply gather all the materials you need, then brush out the excess or matted hair, clean the ears, wash/dry Fido then clip his nails. The ‘after grooming’ stage is will probably be your pooch’s favorite – so don’t forget to praise and pet him or her! Conclusion: Although grooming your own dog may take a bit more time than just leaving him at the groomer’s, doing it yourself is a great way to save money and for the two of you to connect more deeply.

What could be better than that!

Speech Topic: End of Demonstrative Speech Outline

Using an outline like this will help you organize your ideas and the flow of your demonstration. In turn, knowing that you are organized will relax you, giving you the confidence you need to deliver a good presentation and actually enjoy doing it. The more detailed you can make your demonstrative speech outline the easier it will be to deliver your how to speech.

Speech Topic: Need More Inspiration?

Here’s another demonstration speech outline on scrapbooking that I hope you’ll find helpful.


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