Demonstrative Speech

Demonstrative speech topics and speeches are judged more on their form and style of delivery rather than on their content.

In order to focus on your delivery, you need to feel confident about your topic… and having a certain amount of passion about it will definitely help as well.

To find your ideal topic, make a list of your favorite things to do.

You can probably get a lot of great demonstration speech ideas by doing this. But don’t forget to take your audience into consideration and make sure you choose something that THEY would be interested in learning how to do.

You also need to be sure your idea is appropriate. You wouldn’t want to deliver a speech on how to make a spanish coffee to a group of AA members, for example!

Here are some lead ins to trigger your imagination and help you come up with demonstrative speech topics:

1. How to create…
2. How (something) is made
3. How to properly use…
4. How to build…
5. How (something) works
6. How to fix…


1. How to create a home-made flytrap.
2. How is perfume made?
3. How to properly use a curling iron.
4. How to build your own solar panel.
5. How does VOIP work?
6. How to fix a cell phone screen.

Speech Topic: Planning Your Speech

Once you’ve chosen your topic, write in one sentence what it is you are going to be demonstrating to your audience and why you chose that particular topic.

If, for example, you’ve chosen to speak about Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) then you might choose to start off with:

Today I will be demonstrating how VOIP works. I believe it is important to understand as this seems to be the wave of the future in telecommunications.

Speech Topic: Using Visual Aids

In a demonstration speech, you must use visual aids. If you don’t, then it really isn’t a demonstrative speech at all but an informative one. You can use whatever aid you like and more than one if it will help you to show exactly how to accomplish what you are demonstrating.

Staying with the VOIP topic, you could bring in a laptop and clearly show how to setup SKYPE, then demonstrate what you accomplished by having someone in the audience that you can call.

You could also use a power point presentation clearly outlining the steps to take, in order to walk your audience through each step.

The finishing touch on this VOIP speech could be summarizing your speech whilst talking to the person you’ve planted in the audience to receive your call.

Better still, have someone from the audience come onstage and make the call. Audience involvement always makes for a more interesting speech and making a “how to” speech as interactive as possible gives audience members a chance to learn ‘hands on’.

All in all, demonstrative speech topics are some of my favorite topics to speak about, as I can choose themes I’m passionate about and then share them with the audience.

Have fun with your next demonstrative speech!


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