Describe a street fire that takes place to a building and your reactions/feelings towards the event Essay

As I left my house to walk to school I could hear the annoying next door neighbour’s television blaring and as I pass the old, antique gate I could smell the ghastly smell of the dustbins which needed to be emptied.

I walked down the long, bumpy road where there were many houses. I turned onto the busy high street; I could see the cars speeding down and the noise from the pub. I walked pass the pub, a whiff of disgusting alcohol pass me. I held my breath while walking pass and let out a sigh of relief that the smell was gone.I continued on my way to school and I reached near a large supermarket. I could see cars flooding in the car park and people queuing to get some petrol. I was approaching near my school when from the corner of my eye I saw a roaring fire which was rapidly spreading. The blazing fire was lit in a small, modern bungalow.

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Inside the bungalow there was thick, black smoke floating around in the living room. As I saw the fire break out my heart started to race and I sprinted towards the wrecked house.I approached the blackened door; I saw smoke pouring out of every gap and hole in the house. The fire spread to other rooms, I could hear the ferocious fire crackling and hissing. I felt very hot and was flustered. I watched the house burning, time past and soon the blaze started glowing in the evening moonlight.

This untameable smoke just kept on coming and soon my eyes were starting to burn badly as a result. I looked in despair as my eyes started to water. I could feel the intense heat and the smell adhesives from the melted paint on the wall.The fire grew bigger and bigger and soon I came to my senses. I quickly ran as fast as I could to a payphone and dialled 999.

As the call ended I soon realised how filthy and dirty this payphone was, but it didn’t matter. I saw the burning house from a distance slowly being destroyed, I could hear the house sizzling, popping and banging. As I stared at the wrecked house from the distance I could hear the sirens blasting and the flashing lights which lit the whole street up.The firemen wearing protective gear took out some hose pipes and were spraying ice cold water on the unforgiving fire. In the beginning it seeming to be an even call but the immense power of the water was choking the life out of the poisoning fire.

The fire was no match for the water and after a few minutes the blaze was killed and was weak. I saw the end result of the fire, I was horrified to see that previously the house was a small, modern bungalow but now it looked like a big, black bungalow filled with ash.As I got my head round things I realised that this has been the longest 10 minutes of my life. But what was worse than that was to find out your beautiful home, which was filled with love and care is destroyed in a mere 5 minutes. I had a chance to walk in and saw the devastation the horrendous fire caused. I looked at the damage and I couldn’t recognise the rooms apart. I decided it was enough and was walking out.

Looking back at the burnt, crisp house, I was wondering what the people living in that bungalow must be feeling when they see their house demolished.


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