Describe the characteristics of the different types of schools in relation to educational stage(s) and school governance Essay

The two schools I shall be discoursing are Parkstone Grammar School. and Canford Heath Infant School. I have chosen these schools. as they are really different. non merely in their age ranges but besides in the procedures in which they admit their pupils. Parkstone Grammar School is a selective all misss academy school in Poole.

Dorset. ( Academy intending “a school straight funded by the authoritiess Department of Education. but independent of local authorities control. ” “An academy may have extra support from personal or corporate patrons. but must run into the same National Curriculum nucleus topic demands as other province schools and be capable to review by Ofsted.

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”Source Wikipedia ) The school provides for misss aged between 11 and 18. learning cardinal phases 3. 4 and 5. The choice procedure to find which misss will be eligible to be considered for an admittance topographic point is formatted by agencies of three tests. one verbal logical thinking and two non-verbal logical thinking.

The misss who meet the appropriate degree of ability in these trials can so use for a topographic point at the school via the local borough. The topographic points are so considered and decided by the schools Governors’ Admissions panel following the standards shown below. a ) Eligible misss who are classed as “looked after” or have antecedently been “looked after” . B ) Eligible misss who live within the Borough of Celsius ) Eligible misss who live outside the Borough of Poole.

in rank order of the entryway trial tonss. with those misss obtaining highest tonss given higher precedence. Parkstone Grammar School has a significant government organic structure who describe their function as “A critical friend” to the school. The regulating organic structure. or school governors are responsible for the admittances to the school.

as antecedently mentioned and the enlisting of staff. They besides have control over the school financess in order to guarantee the instructors and pupils have the resources they require.Parkstone Grammar School receives most of its support from the local authorization. having ?15464 for 2011-2012. This money is so used to back up larning in legion ways. such as. course of study support.

work experience and SEN. The school besides receivesThe school besides receives funding from local companies who sponsor and support the school by supplying equipment and aid fund edifice undertakings such as a new athleticss hall. for illustration. In contrast to the Grammar school. Canford Heath Infant School is a province tally primary school. supplying instruction for ages 4-7. which covers the Early Years Foundation Stages ( EYFS ) and Key Stage 1 and 2. The admittances policy is really different to the Grammar.

all admittances for the infant school are organised by Poole Borough.Poole admittances behavior and equal penchant admittances system. where parents select 3 picks which are considered together. but the highest graded penchant is offered capable to handiness.

Similarly to the Grammar school though the admittances consider the following standards when the school is over-subscribed. a ) A kid in attention or who was antecedently a kid in attention.B ) Pupils who live within the schools catchment Celsius ) Pupils who live outside the catchment country in the undermentioned order 1 ) Pupils who have sibling who’s already enrolled in the school 2 ) Pupils who have a important medical or psychological status 3 ) All other students
As with the Grammar school. Canford Heath Infant School has a regulating organic structure which has certain legal responsibilities and duties to guarantee that the school provides the correct services to parents and the kids go toing the school. Canford Heath Infant School regulating organic structure consists of five types of governor.

1 ) LEA – Appointed by the local authorization2 ) Parent – Elected by parents3 ) Community Governor – Elected by the regulating organic structure4 ) Staff governor – elected by the staff5 ) Associate governor – elected by the regulating organic structure

As with the Grammar school support is a critical necessity. Canford Heath Infant School is chiefly funded the local authorization but besides has a parent support group who work with the school to supply excess financess for school trips. discos. book bags and library books. Although these schools are reallydifferent in their admittance processs and the age of kids go toing.

both schools follow similar structural standards.
For admittances. support and academic. most significantly both have regulating organic structures that support the whole school and supply indispensable counsel. advice and guaranting schools provide equality of chance for everyone. by puting values.

purposes and aims. holding school betterment strategy’s. which involves O.K.

ing budgets and holding staffing. So hence. in decision. despite the differences these schools are efficaciously run in the same mode. with the same ends and aims.


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