Devasmita realized Essay

Niccolo Machiavelli is one of the most noteworthy political theorist-philosopher of all times. He lived from 1469 to 1527. His theories non merely concerned authorities. but besides analyzed topics such as general human nature and behaviour. Machiavelli’s book. “The Prince” . distinguishes itself from other Hagiographas on the topic of free will.

Through “The Prince” . Machiavelli argues that people have the ability to contend against bad luck. He believes people have self-government and affirms his belief in free will.His theories can be applied to the narrative “The Red Lotus of Chastity” which is a Sanskrit narrative literature written by Somadeva. The narrative is about how Devasmita saves her hubby Guhasena and protects her house from being invaded by some merchandisers that had seduced her and humiliated her hubby. In “The Red Lotus of Chastity” . Machiavelli and Devasmita both prefer to do a roseola determination. However.

Devasmita besides makes over-cautious determination. while Machiavelli does non propose to people to be over-cautious in determination devising. Machiavelli prefers on roseola determination more than over-cautious.

He says that luck is opportunity. fortune. chance. and external factors outside one’s control. He argues that luck controls half of human actions and leaves the other half to liberate will. He besides emphasizes the importance of accommodating behaviour to accommodate the times. and doing seasonably and appropriate accommodations to fortunes.

So in order to get the better of luck. he said. “It is better to rash than to be over-cautious” . His thought is to take hazard which is a bold measure. You have to be aggressive to suppress luck ; an unknown and unpredictable phenomenon that causes an event to ensue one manner instead than another. so we must.

Like Machiavelli. Devasmita besides prefers on roseola determination. Devasmita’s male parent does non prefer her matrimony.

She makes a bold determination to go forth her parents and canvass off the island to get married Guhasena without her parents’ permission. She is taking a large hazard on this determination because she doesn’t have any dowery and informants on their matrimony. In Indian civilization. dowery is given to assist in matrimony disbursals and becomes a signifier of insurance in the instance that her in-laws mistreat her and informants are the cogent evidence of their matrimony.This is a really hazardous pick that she makes since there were non any informants and her hubby can state their matrimony has ne’er existed. However. this does non go on and they are populating merrily. Thus this shows that Machiavelli’s theory on roseola determination has it values.

Machiavelli does non prefer being over-cautious on actions. He relates fortune to a adult female. “Because luck is a adult female and if you wish to maintain her down. you must crush her and lb her. ” For Machiavelli. people should handle fortune approximately in order to get the better of it.He argues that if we think excessively much we would non hold clip to move. Without moving.

it is like allowing luck to command everything which means you have given up your freewill. For case. when a storm is coming you should do a determination fast instead than take all your clip thought. This is because.

by the clip the storm arrives. you may hold saved your belongings and your life. To Machiavelli.

the effect of being over-cautious is like allowing lucks command your life. Unlike Machiavelli’s theory. Devasmita proves that through being cautious on an action can stop up being successful.When the nun tried to convert Devasmita to perpetrate criminal conversation. Devasmita realized. “This nun has some crooked scheme afoot! ” . After cognizing the nun is seeking to flim-flam her.

she does non take action instantly to kick the nun out of her house. She thinks carefully that making so would work out her job right off. but she thinks in front ; she knows this would non work out the job wholly.

She has to cognize who is behind it to work out this job. In this instance. Devasmita coerces the nun to believe in everything she says. She is even ready to rip off on her hubby so as to cognize who is behind the debatable state of affairs.Machiavelli’s theory on cautiousness does non look to use on this portion of the narrative but Devasmita is cautious on her actions and still tendencies to success. Since luck has the ability to alter and mankind is fixed in its ways. every bit long as the person’s action is in harmoniousness with luck.

you will be successful. but when they disagree on each other. you will be unsuccessful. However. most people do non cognize how to accommodate themselves to the alteration because of holding ever succeeded by moving in one manner ; they can non be persuaded that it is a good thought to go forth it.


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