Developing individuals and team Sample Essay

As a squad leader it is of import that I know what is required in order to develop both persons and squads. Within this assignment I aim to show my apprehension of the factors involved when taking a squad to accomplish agreed aims.

I will demo how to measure the current competences of my squad and how to develop those competences into constructing an effectual productive unit. 1. Understand the factors involved in taking a squad to accomplish agreed aims: 1. 1 Describe the rules underlying leading of persons and squad. Leadership is an of import map of direction which helps to maximize efficiency and to accomplish organizational ends.

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A leader should be A individual who initiates the work to be undertaken by pass oning the policies and programs in the executing of the work load.Able to actuate persons and squads to accomplish agreed aims. Able to. non merely supervise. but be able to supply counsel for persons and squads Able to make assurance within the squad by explicating to them there function and giving them guidelines on how to accomplish marks efficaciously. Assurance can besides be created by listening to persons concerns and moving upon them. A individual who is able to construct and keep good morale by being as unfastened and honest as possible with the work force There are many different theories that can be used in accomplishing all of the above one of which isThe Belbin theory- which is used to assist develop squad types by assisting persons form productive working relationships.

to place certain endowments within each squad. aid in the choice and development of effectual and productive squads. to increase ego consciousness and effectivity and besides to assistance in determinations being made sing enlisting. This is all achieved by making and make fulling functions within the squad. An effectual squad would hold a coordinator. maker ( taking ) . research worker.

squad worker ( socializing ) . implementer. completer/finisher ( making ) . judge. works. specializer ( believing ) . If all of these functions can be achieved so this is the footing of a strong. productive squad.

In drumhead Dr Meredith Belbin said “What is needed is non good balanced persons ; but persons that balance good with each other. ” Another theory that can be adopted when taking an effectual squad is: The Herzberg theory- this theory is used as a motivational assistance for both squads and persons. In 1959 Frederick Herzberg wrote the undermentioned phrase. which helps explicate his theory “We can expand… . by saying that the occupation satisfiers deal with the factors involved in making the occupation. whereas the occupation dissatisfiers deal with the factors that define the occupation context.

” Which means that the factors that motivate people at work are different. and non needfully the opposite. of the factors that cause dissatisfaction. His theory was developed into a diagram which highlighted the cardinal incentives. ( Appendix 1 )1. 2 Identify the links between persons. squads and organizational aims. Every administration.

regardless of size. requires clear. concise aims to be able to function its intent and to assist it to run into its ends. Any defect in these aims leaves the administration with the inability to travel frontward and finally failure. It is of import for each person within a work force to hold their ain. clear. aims for their ain personal development.

This creates greater motive on a personal forepart and as cardinal members of a squad. Each personal aim should concentrate on cardinal enterprises. Individual aims maintain and promote motive.

Maslow’s theory identifies eight degrees of a “hierarchy of needs” which when linked together organize a footing for development.Personal aims will supply the person with realistic accomplishable ends which help to advance efficiency. When persons. within a work force deficiency motive. it has a negative overbearing consequence on the administration making its ain aims. The creative activity of each and every person development program helps to place both strengths and failings within nucleus accomplishments. This helps to indicate people in the way of the best manner to accomplish ends assisting the administration to develop in a positive manner.

In concurrence with that each person has an of import portion to play within a squad to enable that squad to run into its marks which in bend will enable the administration to accomplish its aims1. 3 Explain the methods of pass oning single and team aims. The section I work in within the administration has a figure of day-to-day and hebdomadal marks which need to be met to fulfill consumer demand therefore each fabrication Centre has a forenoon DDS ( Daily Directional Setting ) meeting. This is to discourse any issues that have affected production over the old 24 hours i. e manpower issues ( illness. absence etc ) . environmental issues.

Quality issues. planned audits. upcoming visits and mechanical failure.

We so discourse what plans we have to better efficiency traveling frontward. This is so escalated to a senior DDS meeting in which the organizational efficiencies as a whole are discussed. This is besides communicated to the squad on a day-to-day DDS 1 meeting. Which takes topographic point with the squad prior to them get downing their displacement. The most effectual signifier of finding the public presentation issues within a squad is strong interaction but within our administration we have records which can place tendencies such as single preparation records. illness records and each person has a annually EDR ( employee development reappraisal appendix2 ) in which the squad member sits in a one-to-one treatment with the squad leader to aerate any preparation development and any other work related issues or concerns they might hold.2. Understand the current competences of persons and squads: 2.

1 Describe the methods of carry oning single and team competency reappraisals. Within our administration the first phase to measuring a teams public presentation is via a SIC ( short interval control ) chart. This is a chart which is placed on each line and replaced every 24 hours. This chart enables the operators to record. hourly.

what issues they might hold had ( good or bad ) which have affected production within that squad. The squad leader cheques this every hr to measure what back up the squad may necessitate or issues that need to be addressed. Following on from that if there are issues with an persons public presentation so it is the squad leaders duty to turn to this. If a squad fails to do marks that have been set. and that the squad has met antecedently.

so this is the first indicant that they. as a squad. are neglecting to execute to their full potency.That could be down to an person within that squad or the squad as a whole. The information retrieved from the SIC chart can so be used in carry oning competency reappraisals. At the terminal of each hebdomad the squad receives a ‘Team brief’ within which the squads consequences from the old hebdomad are discussed openly and the squad is encouraged to prosecute in what alterations can be made to better efficiencies.

Likewise any positive accomplishments. and ways in which this can be maintained. are discussed and programs formulated. As persons each squad member is invited to a 1 to one treatment with the squad leader on a annual footing ( or more frequently if the demand arises ) . Within this treatment methods of development to better competences are addressed.2.

2 Identify the links between current competences and the squad and organizational aims. There is a demand within any administration for each squad aims and organizational aims to be closely linked. Each teams aims should be set with the ultimate end of assisting the administration run into its ain aims. Within our administration there are a figure of KPI’s ( Key Performance Indicators ) which need to be met to enable our company to boom and travel frontward. These are: Customer/consumer ailmentsOEE ( Efficiency ) and productivenessWaste ( and recycling )Service ( bringing to client )Employee attendingSafetyEnergy useSpecific betterments ( including cost salvaging thoughts )Plant dislocation ( probe and recording )GMP ( good fabrication practise )Change in client demands ( and get bying with these )To guarantee that competences meet objectives we discuss what preparation developments each person needs ( within their EDR’s ) . Then a preparation program can be developed and/or a accomplishments spread analysis.

2. 3 Identify the activities to back up the development of current competences of the squad to current and future squad and organizational aims. There are a figure of different attacks which we use to back up and develop competences within our squads these include: One to onemeetings
AppraisalsTeam Jockey shortssCoaching/mentoringRetrainingSecondsShadowingWe besides promote developing to enable persons and squads to understand the importance of being flexible such as larning occupations in other sections and formal preparation such as E-learning and safety classs 3. Know how to develop the competences of persons and squads: 3.

1 Identify development chances for persons and squads. Development chances for persons and squads can take many different signifiers as an illustration within the section that I work we have a squad of warehouse forces who are responsible for obtaining natural stuffs and packaging for production. This involves the ordination and accepting the bringing of points required for the production squads. from external repositing. to run into production programs on clip.

Therefore 6 month endorsements working with the stuff contrivers within the planning section were introduced. This enables the warehouse forces to derive a greater apprehension of client demands and the demand for timely and effectual ordination.

Likewise on the production line we introduced shadowing which involves members of the procedure squads shadowing a packaging secret agent to enable them to derive a better apprehension of what hapless quality procedure methods consequence the quality of the finished merchandise therefore giving them a better apprehension of the bigger image and non merely the portion of production that they are usually involved in. We besides have a preparation system that flags up ( by E-mail ) when persons are due refresher developing on things such as wellness and safety and nutrient hygiene.3. 2 Describe the methods of holding development chances with persons and squads.

Within each persons EDR development chances are discussed as to what each single requires to go more competent in their function. This aids myself. as a squad leader. to construct up a preparation program to guarantee that everyone is being treated reasonably and are happy as to what is expected of them and their several squads.

This preparation program would so be briefed out to the squads to welcome any remarks or issues that may be of concern. Thereafter a accomplishments scan ( Appendix 3 ) can be developed for the squad as a whole and should be communicated to all concerned to avoid any confusion. 3. 3 Identify procedures to mensurate and reexamine single and squad development aims.Team development can be measured by the consequence that it has on run intoing OEE ( overall effectual efficiency ) which is a sensible mark that is set by the organizational aims and is affected by KPI’s.

This mark is set yearly to co-occur with client demands. Kirkpatricks rating of developing model- is one method of mensurating an person or squads development aims. This involves 4 phases which are: Reaction- step the participants reaction to preparation. Often done with feedback sheets. Learning- trial the participants keeping of cognition.

accomplishments etc. this is normally done through proving. This should be done during every bit good as at the terminal of preparation. Behaviour- buttocks alterations in behavior and tendencies from participants through proving or observation after developing terminals. Results- Evaluation of organizational benefits in footings of impact on the concern or returns on investings. Establishing results that contribute to organizational aims.Decision.

Upon finishing this assignment I feel I have documented processs and procedures within our administration that are instrumental in the effectual development of persons and squads. I feel that I have showed an apprehension of what is indispensable in taking a squad to accomplish agreed aims. Have understood the current competences of persons and squads. learned how to develop competences and how to mensurate and measure them.


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