Developing Teams in Business Essay

Developing teams in business: P5 & P6:Report: Introduction: In this report I will be the leader of my group.

Where I will explain as well as construct what happened during each stage of the process as a group leader what were the obstacles I had to go through as my group was not a participative group to compare with even not very assertive. How did it feel to be a team leader of the group? Being a team leader of the group consists upon bearing in mind the conflicts that may occur during group activities such as group discussions.The problems that had occurred were that as a team leader there were downfalls of other team members not participating coercively which had a major impact on work not handed in on time to me which delays the submission process of the work if it were to be a real life experience then I think the team I was with would not be successful enough to handle complicated situations such as handing over work before deadlines. I also had to value other team member’s by listening to their views and opinions as well as therefore had to show motivation and the skills to my group members for e. g.

nterpersonal skills even encourage team members to contribute in other group activities bearing in mind I set objectives that clarified what each group member had to do. How did it feel as a team leader of the group to achieving specific goals? As a team leader at the beginning I thought I may not be able to handle any particular situation by myself, although my group did show some sort of passion of nominating me to be the team leader of the group. Although as time went by me and the group started to communicate with each other also bearing in mind who were to do which task and what they needed to do before the workload started piling up.As a result we got to the stage of using our P4 specification sheet laid out quite clearly stating the group member’s names as well as explaining each task of who were to do what so it does not set a chance of anybody to argue at the end. This helped to achieving our goals and as a team member this technique really helped me organise the workload to each team member by explaining what they had to carry out in their task so they did not forget. As a team leader did any conflicts arise?I did come across several conflicts whilst I started as a team leader where a team member was making arguments due to they would not be able to participate whilst another two members from my group were to be removed.

I sat down and made the person realise by explaining to them ‘say if you were in the similar situation as them and you were to be treated unfairly in that case I as the team leader did not want you to contribute in any group discussions how would you feel’. Automatically the answer was ‘I would feel embarrassed and upset’.So these conflicts and problems do arise even if there were to be the best group members such as taking into consideration the television show ‘The Apprentice’ group members do their work as they are told do by their team leader so they go out there achieve to do their level best, but when judgement day comes all fingers are pointed against the team leader because they are held responsible to get the blame over conflicts that may have occurred probably for some reason the team leader did not show the willingness to listen to other team member’s views and opinions whilst making any rash decisions.The similar situation had affected me whilst I was kept over the edge to make complicated and decisions because of other team members were sometimes not bothered of doing their work or for some reasons did not attend a college session where the workload led to be piled up, where it led to my time and other member’s work to be delayed due a one group member who may have not been so participative or done their task on time. How was the team’s response on completing the task?Working as a team was quite hard and unresponsive due to other group members not responding coherently as well as holding their responsibility over set tasks to be completed on time. Two of my group members were quite lazy enough to produce a one page slide on their PowerPoint whilst I as the team leader and another group member worked hard to complete the unfinished tasks before the deadline date. As you could see being a team member isn’t an easy job therefore you have to have a major responsibility on by monitoring the team’s performance, communicating to other group members by understanding where are they at for e. .

how much work they have done and keeping a log to record group member’s effectiveness over how they had contributed towards completing given tasks. How did I receive feedback and what I did to receive the overall team’s feedback? As the team leader my responsibility was to set a task to each team member making sure that they were happy over the work they were given to do. After each stage I was to ask them how they were getting on with the work to make sure if everything was fine.The response I used to get back was ‘I still have not started the work or I do not understand what to do’. I then had to manage the situation by explaining what they had to do and explaining team members as a teacher would do to restrict them over deadlines as they must complete their given tasks on time if not then they will not be able to participate in group discussions as a case that would be their punishment, so they did not repeat that mistake again.What helped us the most whilst completing given tasks? Conclusion: Belbin’s model that had been very useful throughout the group activity as well as the BTEC national level 3 business book 1. As a group we worked assertively because different group members had a different method of understanding ideas regarding completing tasks as well as they had their on views and opinions.

Reference: * Teacher’s notes * BTEC national Level 3 business book 1 * Teamwork * MOODLE


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