Difficult subjects in education Essay

Delivering sessions which deal with emotive content I teach foundation degree mental health work students and student nurses. Mental health issues can create strong responses in students who may have personal issues which could affect how they are able to receive the information being delivered to them. This proposal follows two critical incidents I experienced as a lecturer. Initially I was delivering a session centered on mood disorders. The class discussed various treatment options used to treat depression.

I advised the students that In severe oppression, when all other options have been exhausted, Electro-convulsive therapy ACT may be utilized (www. Rorschach, 2013). At this point, the whole class became rather distressed; they voiced concerns as regards this. Words such as ‘barbaric’ and ‘Inhuman’ were used, they also stated that they had been Informed that there was widespread European dissatisfaction with the use of ACT, that It was banned In several other countries.

Following a discussion, I became aware that they had been provided with some misinformation as regards this procedure, I attempted to rectify his by presenting the most recent evidence. On another occasion one student became distressed while discussing self harm. I was surprised as these students do work within the mental health field. I later reflected that my experiences within acute services may not reflect theirs.

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My intention is to explore how, as a teacher I may approach discussing emotive or disturbing subjects with a group of adult learners who may not have experienced these situations in their own life, ensuring that the information is well researched and current, all the while being mindful of the effect it ay have on them personally.


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