Dinitrophenol Essay

In the fortiess. some doctors prescribed low doses of a drug called dinitrophenol ( DNP ) to assist patients lose weight. This insecure method was abandoned after a few patients died. DNP uncouples the chemiosmotic machinery by doing the lipid bilayer of the interior mitochondrial membrane leaky to H+ . Explain how this can do weight loss. In a conjugate reaction. an exergonic reaction provides the energy needed to drive an endergonic reaction. Peoples use the energy released by exergonic reactions such as the dislocation of glucose into C dioxide and H2O to drive endergonic reactions such as the synthesis of proteins from aminic acids.

In conjugate reactions. energy is transferred from topographic point to topographic point by energy bearer molecules such as ATP. In this function as an mediator in conjugate reactions. ATP is invariably being synthesized to capture energy released during exergonic reactions and so interrupt down to power endergonic reactions ( 102 ) . The negatron conveyance concatenation converts energy and uses the exergonic flow of negatrons to pump H ions across the mitochondrial membrane. In the DNP instance H ions “leaked” back across the membrane. spreading down its gradient.

When the mitochondrial membrane became “leaky” to hydrogen ions chemiosmosis stopped because there wasn’t a gradient of protons between the exterior and interior of the membrane. Without a gradient of protons the bulk of the ATP produced by cellular respiration couldn’t be produced which is indispensable to do fatty acids and dislocation glucose. therefore the energy in a individuals metamorphosis comes from stored fat or protein. doing a individual to lose weight every bit good as doing a deficiency of energy. In the same sense the organic structure must happen another beginning of energy to give the organic structure adequate ATP to last. unluckily in the DNP instance it lead to decease.

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