Diplomacy is important for all our nations and especially those with a relationship to coexist

Diplomacy is important for all our nations and especially those with a relationship to coexist. And with no doubt, some actions taken without much thought are a threat to this diplomacy. Guiding a diplomatic relationship that exists between two countries is important and thus dealing with allies and enemies of that nation should be done with caution so as not to overstep some boundaries. We as the Japanese government are not in good relation with nuclear-armed North Korea. Our allies such as the United States, I feel should be cautious and acknowledge the interest of Japan while dealing with this nations since any instability or major disagreement that will lead to a nuclear war will greatly affect Japan and its quest to settling of the abduction issues. Despite the words of the president Kim Jong Un saying he has no intentions of starting a nuclear war with some other nations, his actions state otherwise. Developing a nuclear international ballistic missile, that if unleashed on other nations will lead to an unexpected war even within countries that had maintained a non-conflict status quo. This is a threat because the stability and direction of North Korea are seen to be unclear and under the leader of the young president, a war can be so easily started.
The nation has also stepped on some human rights issues that raising concerns about torture and imprisonment like the case of the political prison camp that held those who opposed the regime. Since nation has been accused of crimes against humanity and thus is facing a number of sanctions. Therefore dealing with North Korea, its allies and those that will be affected by actions of the nation, should have their interest presented on the table.


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