Directed Writing Coursework – Letter of complaint Essay

Dear Ms. Reid,I am addressing you, after reading your unbelievable (and not because of the great it is, but because of the difficult it is to believe) article that the Daily Mail had the indecency to publish.You might argue that you are in the right to think, write and express your opinions freely. Then, please, don’t be a hypocrite and let all of us do it.

Please allow Trinny and Susannah, please allow us, their public, to watch, learn and enjoy their program. And, finally, please do not write an article with the only intention of changing people’s opinions and ideas.My name is Elizabeth McLuvin, and I am talking to you in first person because I was personally helped by Trinny and Susannah. These two heroines treated me with sincerity, and not as you affirm “very much like dogs, and suffering the same misery, to be made appealing”. Precisely, their objective is completely the opposite. They are looking forward for the women’s commodity and high auto-esteem. With me, they have had a completely positive impact.

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I have learned how to dress properly, to look fantastic, with my own clothes and economy, and I feel I am better treated from the rest of the world.One of my big doubts is why do you criticize Trinny and Susannah’s program instead of criticizing other typo of programs where women are persuaded to go through several esthetic surgeries, humiliating women physically publicly?However, in T&S’s program they are only helping them to be favorable with what they are and what they are wearing. Showing that little and insignificant things can make big changes, and for free.

I feel offended; once again, by your hypercriticism when you blame them for “verbal assault” when your article is full of it.On top of that, your text is, in all means, extreme. Their show might not be perfect, but people are not stupid, and they would not watch such a bad program as your article describes. Don’t you think so? Why would it be so popular then? Are you wrong, or are you considering people stupid?I can not understand how a good reputated newspaper, The Daily Mail, allows you to publish such a pile of exaggerations and extreme language, putting in doubt the citizens’ intelligence. I am sure that I’m not the only one who will argue against your article.Please Ms. Reid, next time that you have a bad day and you decide to put someone’s work in doubt, please, think it twice.

Think about if what you say really makes sense. And then consider all the people that could be offended by your words said out of the truth. I don’t know if it is frustration, or if it is envy what you feel. Maybe you are frustrated because of their triumph or maybe you need their help.I recommend you their help, because I used to be frustrated because I felt uncomfortable with myself. However, since I was helped, my auto-esteem increased making me feel more comfortable an therefore more relaxed.Try it.


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