Discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages of Private as Opposed to State Provision of Education and Healthcare? Essay

State education and healthcare has been heated issues sin parliament with Tony Blair pressurising parliament and the Labour Back benchers to back the new education bill that he claimed will end “two-tier education systems.” Mr Blair said of his education plans: “Our aim is not to establish a two-tier system but, on the contrary, to get rid of it, to help children – especially from the most disadvantaged backgrounds – to overcome their disadvantage and do well.However is the switch from allowing private education to run freely in Britain to introducing new trust schools a wise move after all most private school achieve higher grades than many states schools across the country. Should private education be banned, or is it better than state provided education. Healthcare is in the spotlight in commons as many European nations are switching from a state provided health system to a more privatised system. However is this better than having free state care?Before the Liberal reforms of 1906 onward Britain adopted a very conservative attitude towards healthcare and education. Then rich could afford the best hospitals and to send their children to school such as Eaton and traditional boarding schools like Rugby.

On the contrary the poor of Britain ad to use the squalid infirmaries and many young poor didn’t receive and education at all. There are many advantages and disadvantages if privatised national services in a nation particularly in education and healthcare.The disadvantages of each are very similar. The main disadvantage of private heal care is that the majority of the population of Britain wouldn’t be able to afford the large fees involved.

This is because private health strives to provide the cleanest and most comfortable treatment available this cost money to buy better equipment and the time spent with patients. Also in state provided healthcare The most appropriate treatment is available to all regardless of costs of medicines professional time of the doctors in the hospital as the welfare act stated that each individual has the right to free medical treatment. Similarly in schools with the same standard of education provided by the state available to everybody it makes a much fairer system. No one individual is at disadvantage for receiving a good education dependant on the economic condition of their family.Privately educated children only mix with small section of society, mainly the upper classes therefore they miss out on the social diversity of state schools and the depth many individuals add to our society. Privately children are spoon fed most teaching and information as their education is driven for good results in fear if reprisal from fee paying parents if pupil begin to fail.

As a result of a traditional spoon feeding education many privately educated students are unprepared for college and university as they are unable to teach themselves and learn about new issues with the aid of someone else. State education teach children learning skills for life.However there are many advantages of private healthcare and private education.

Private healthcares main aim is to provide a quick, friendly and comfortable operation or treatment and sets out to give patients the option of receiving treatment without waiting lists. Treatment in private hospitals is available for the patient at a suitable time for the patient, treatment is not based around waiting lists and the availability of a consultant. Many private hospital like BUPA have a much more pleasant look, the equipment is modern and extremely clean as maintenance cost and the price for new equipment can be covered using patients money. In patent healthcare is more user friendly and welcoming than being consulted a large hospital.Private education also has many advantages class sizes are keep small allowing students maximal teacher attention and help. This is because the number of fee paying students is much lower than the number of students attending state schools even thought the number of teachers in each sector is relatively similar.

Generally well motivated students are under pressure form their parent to perform well as they’re paying for their education. Therefore most student achieve good grades. Secondly many private schools have excellent teaching as admin puts pressure on teachers to deliver high standards as expected form paying parents. Finally many private school achieve high grades as they wish to impress prospective parents to send their children to the school in order to enrol more pupils and to earn more money from termly fees.In conclusion I believe that the advantages and disadvantages of private education and healthcare are equal.

The main factor holding privatisation of all public sectors back is that in a western democracy the government should look after the forgotten man at the bottom of the economic ladder. If privatisation was introduced many families couldn’t afford to send their children to school believe that the poor in Britain without the money to go to receive and education will become poorer and poorer.


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