Discuss the biological effects of acute psychological stress and some possible health outcomes of these stages Essay

Stress can be defined in various ways such as a mental or an emotional condition that has occurred due to some pressure on one’s life. There are many people in the world that will be suffering every day from stress and the outcomes that have been caused by it. If one is going through stress it can affect their physical health. This can have an effect on both genders and of all ages throughout life. The most important reason to why this is dangerous is because it can be very dangerous to someone’s health, not only because it may lead to many different diseases but because it can have raised the amount of times the person has a panic attack.

Stress is very easy to control even though it may not look like it, but if the certain steps have been taken into account then there would be no problem. Acute stress is when you go through a phase that only lasts for a little while and the cure for it would be quicker to cure. It is very important for you to know how to recognize the signs on stress because the quicker it is going to be cured the better. Stress can creep on you at any time; this is the most dangerous thing about it.

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If you don’t take care of it once you find out the diagnosis then it will feel normal to you, you will get too used to it and want it in your everyday. You will not realise how much it will be affecting you even though it gets heavier and heavier. The way in which the stress level responses to the body is that when you receive a threat from someone or when you get shocked then your nervous responds to it by releasing many stress hormones, this involved cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones rouse the body for emergency action.

Your heart will tend to beat a lot faster than it usually does, your muscles will then tighten than usual, your blood pressure will rise, your breathe will tend to start getting faster and faster. The changes that will occur will have a major increase of impact on your strength and stamina, speed and your reaction time. There are many different ways in which stress can be caused in someone’s life and the way that this has an effect on their every day to day activity. Some of the stress examples I am going to talk about are stressing before an exam, financial problems and stress from work.

Students tend to stress a lot whilst they are at college or university when they are either revising for and exam or trying to meet a coursework deadline. There are many different ways in which a student will stress for an exam, sometimes people can cope better than others. The reason to why some students tend to stress a lot is because they will not be valued enough until they get decent grades and make everyone proud and because getting good results in your exams tend to affect your future, depends on how well you do then you can go into further education.

There have been many cases on suicide when it comes to stress due to exams. The latest figures show that from the 31st March 2003 to 1st April 2004 the number of calls from students to Childline had risen to over 900 compared to the year before when it was just 600 for the same period of time. Most of the calls that had been made were from students aged 12-15, amongst these calls there were very little amount of young people who had expressed their thoughts of committing suicide when talking about their stress on exams.

Fifteen-year-old Tina Dziki died at a London hospital after taking what is thought to be an overdose of anti-malarial drugs’ (BBC News Online). Being stress before any exam is not good because the intake of the information will not go down very well then the student is bound to fail. This has a major impact on the way the student feels as they will not be eating properly so this will affect their digestion system.

Also an exam officer at Queen Elizabeth’s School in Dorset, Martin Cooper had said ‘I’ve occasionally come across people stressed enough to be sick, and recently someone had a nosebleed because of a combination of hay fever and stress’. (BBC News Online). There is also the fact that when people get into financial problems they tend to stress a lot as well, financial problems is when they don’t have enough income and start spending more than they earn and start getting themselves in debt but they do not realise it.

The more people tend to borrow from people the more they will have to pay back and the interest will start growing on top of the money and this will. If someone is going through this problem then this could have a major impact on your mental health such as when you have been made redundant and struggling with your debts. Also if you have lost your jobs then this could also have an impact on your self-esteem, this can have a really big impact on your emotional distress, sometimes a person will end up in depression.

Depression is more than just being sad for a couple of hours or a days, it lasts for months and even years. This is a cause that has real symptoms, this is not a phase of being weak and that you can get out of it real quickly you have to work through it. Once you have been diagnosed with this case then you should have to treat it quickly. There are many different ways in which it could be cured is that of doing lots of exercise which has been proven to help with it and this is one of the best for mild depression.

Sometimes staying away from family may help as well because it helps you clear your head and helps you to see sense because some of those people who go through depression tend to talk un normal things to each other which makes their family members get worried about them and that is not a good thing to go through either as they need all the support they can get from everyone as going through this is going to be harsh for them. Some people may only go through depression for a little while, but major cases end up with high depression.


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