Discuss the form and poetic qualities of “Easter Wings” Sample Essay

This verse form appears to be a dramatic soliloquy. spoken by the character at a minute when he/she was nearing decease. Using cardinal footings within the last stanza. we can deduce the talker is nearing decease. Therefore. the tone of the verse form should be that of unhappiness or desperation. but as one can see. the talker is seeking to convey hope towards the terminal of the verse form ( stand foring the terminal of life ) . The rhyme strategy is indistinguishable in both stanzas ; nevertheless. it does non follow any standard form. The riming sequence is alone. If numbering the lines. all of the even numbered lines from the 2nd stanza follow the same rime sequence as the first stanza. In add-on. the first three uneven lines of each stanza rime with themselves. but lines seven and nine of each stanza rime with each other. independent of the other uneven lines.

Equally far as poetic qualities. the verse form “Easter Wings” is full of allusions and symbolism. Get downing with the rubric. we can see mention to Easter and Christianity. Within the Christian faith. Easter is a cardinal juncture for those who believe. Not merely is the word “Easter” in the rubric. but we besides see the word “wings. ” In mention to Easter. the wings are important to those of the angels that were present on Easter forenoon. the Resurrection of Christ. The first line of the verse form backs up the allusion of utilizing faith. as we can see the word “Lord” and the mention to the creative activity of adult male. The in-between line of each stanza is the same. “With thee. ” Once once more. utilizing allusions. we can see an illation to the Christian religion. and the thought that the Lord is ever “With thee. ” Another illustration of the writer utilizing an allusion occurs in line seven. “Oh. allow me lift. ” The narrative of Easter revolves around the “rise” of Christ ; hence. we can see the changeless mention to religion throughout the verse form.

In add-on to allusion. the writer uses symbolism to further show his poems’ hidden significance. At first glimpse. one might detect the form of what appears to be a set of butterflies. Upon farther comparing. we can see that the first “butterfly” has an about perfect form compared to that of the 2nd butterfly. Using symbolism. the writer portrays two images within the “butterflies. ” The first symbolizes the life of Christ. perfect. ensuing in the perfect form of the butterfly. The 2nd usage of symbolism is the other “butterfly. ” which represents the life of the mean man/woman. therefore ensuing in an imperfect form. The two “butterflies” are together. typifying the connection of the life of Christ with the life of adult male. as he was human while on Earth. Traveling back to the riming sequence. in each stanza there are two sets of three lines that rime. typifying the figure thirty-three. which was the age that Christ was crucified and resurrected at Easter. In add-on. the sets of three typify the three yearss Christ was in the grave prior to his Resurrection.

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