Discuss the use of cars Essay

Everyone takes car ownership for granted and we sometimes do not think about the benefits and hazards of this means of transport. Cars are to be seen everywhere on our streets and roads and they are an important feature of modern life.Cars have both good and bad features, Cars are convenient, they save us time and are also a fast method of transport but also cars pollute the air they have a high death toll and it’s a more stressful life with a car.Cars are extremely convenient. If you have to quickly go to the shops then it is always there.

They are a fantastic means of transport for a holiday, it can save you money and there is no worrying about buying tickets for busses or aeroplanes. Plus it can hold a good amount of luggage. Also it’s a fast mean of transport no to mention being comfortable and even luxurious.Cars are a major time saver.

No hassling with schedules or having to stop multiple times. You choose when your ready to leave and when you need or want to stop.Also having your own car there is no more days of being late for work or school because the bus was running late or tiring days of having to walk everywhere.Cars are very fast method of transport especially compared to walking or using public transport eg. Buses. Whenever it may be just down the street or half way across Australia, the car is a perfect and fast way of getting there.Cars are the main cause of air pollution.

They let off horrible gasses and fumes polluting the air and environment, which we rely on. These gasses and fumes can be a dangerous risk for asthmatics, they can also give off a horrible smell in the air. Air pollution gets worse in cities and larger towns.Cars can be extremely dangerous, they can cause minor to major injuries or even death. Cars accidents have a very high death toll and everyone who drives or is a passenger in a car is at risk.

Owning and driving a car can be very stressful. Breaking down when you have an urgent place to be, getting stuck behind traffic, the bills that come with owning a car. It can also be scary with road rages around or poor drivers.

Having an accident can occur very easily. When driving you must always be in control because you have yourself, other drivers and maybe passengers to think about.Although cars have a few bad points they can sometimes be avoided eg. Many injuries- if you are a safe driver your chances of being injured are lowered. Life can be stressful but it can be said that life might be even more stressful without a car and having to worry about public transport. Also cars are not the only things that add to air pollution.

But cars are convenient, they save us a lot of time and they are extremely fast method of transport as apposed to walking and buses ect. And the list continues.Overall I think life is much easier and better with cars.


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