Discuss the use of shifting narrative view points and the effects achieved in “Wuthering Heights” and “The tenant of Wildfell Hall” Essay

There were two Bronte sisters, which two of them had written two very unusual books. They had adapted the notions for the books which they wrote from the environment which surrounded them, the cold bleak Yorkshire moors and the ethics of life which was established in the Victorian times. The two books which that had written were ‘Wuthering Heights’ and ‘The Tenant of Wildfell Hall ‘. Both books were extremely unusual because they were written by two women who had not seen or experienced brutality and corruption, yet, these were the features in both of the books.They were the daughters of a clergy man who parted from them when their mother had died. It was curious were many of their ideas had originated from, since they lived in an isolated area and in a strict household.

The notion of divorce was totally unacceptable in those days, and the idea of women running away and being disobedient towards their husband was unbearable. These are some of the topics which the two stories revolve around. The two Bronte sisters who wrote their books were very brave to publish them, because they were the first books which disagreed with the ethics of the period of time when it was written.The Bronte sisters all had to write under a male name because it wasn’t acceptable for women to be writing books. In both of the stories, ‘The Tenant of Wildfell Hall’ and ‘Wuthering Heights’ there is a lot of shifting narrative used. Shifting narrative viewpoints is used in the two novels because; we can get the feelings of different characters involved because of the shifting. The effects created are, we can now tell how the different characters feel about the situation and compare their thoughts and ideas to other characters who is also narrating.

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Both of the stories are usually being told to someone either through a memo, a diary or a letter. The stories can now be interpreted differently by the reader. A quote in ‘Wuthering Heights’ to show that the story is being told from a narrative point of view, which is said by Nelly Dean, is ” Before I came to live here, she commended”. Mrs. Dean is saying this to Mr. Lockwood. A quote in ‘The tenant of Wildfell Hall’ which is narrated by Helen to show that the story is being told from a narrative point of view is, “September 23rd.

Our guests arrived three weeks ago. That is a quote from a diary which was written by Helen but is now being said by Helen after she has written the diary in the past.They are told in the first person. As they are written in this way, the reader gets the emotions of the people who wrote the diaries and can compare their feelings towards the characters in the book to how others feel about the same character. Also, we can see if their opinions change towards each of the characters as time passes on it the story.

In “Wuthering Heights” there are two places which are used in the story.These two places are “Thrushcross Grange” and “Wuthering Heights. ” Both are two different places, and the story uses both of the places in a very different way. “Wuthering Heights” is described as: “The narrow windows are deeply set into the wall and the defended with large jutting stones…

Instead of wading through heath and mud to “Wuthering Heights. “” It is places were it is hard to get to and where the wind blows around and howls outside it, causing the “stunted” fir trees to “excessively slant. ” Nothing is cared for and everything is inhospitable. There is no warmth or nurturing.

Thrushcross Grange is described in a different manner compared to Wuthering Heights. Wuthering Heights is in total contrast to Thrushcross Grange. The latter is a park, down off the moors enclosed by walls and parklands. The former however is in the open and subject to the harsh moor land weather. This environment has purposely been created so that it gives the characters in the story places to run to and from. The characters in the book can escape from their fears because two different environments have been created.

In ‘The Tenant of Wildfell Hall’ an atmosphere like the one of ‘Wuthering Heights’ has not being created.The characters have no-where to run to and from, and in this finally results in the woman running always from home but eventually returning to finish her duties, even after the bad ways in which she was treated by her husband. All of this adds to the tension which is created by the use of shifting narrative viewpoints.

I believe that Heathcliff is a very similar character to Arthur. They are very different in ways, spiteful in different ways to the people who surround them, but never the less; it seems that both of the characters aren’t very pleasant. A quote to prove that Heathcliff isn’t very pleasant is, “…Fanny, suspended to a handkerchief and nearly at its last gasp. ” This was a quote which was said by Linton whilst he was passing the garden.

They finally realized that Heathcliff was responsible for the hanging of the dog. A quote to prove that Arthur isn’t a nice man is, “He wanted to get me home.. , to have me all to himself, and to see me safely installed as the mistress of Grassdale Manor, just as a single minded, as nai??ve, and piquant as I was. ” From the quote, we can see that Arthur a very selfish and sexist man even towards his wife on their honey moon.

He thinks that women aren’t equal to men and that they should have no freedom.This quote was found in one of Helen diary entries which Gilbert is reading. As we can see from the information above that the two characters are spiteful in different ways, but they are defiantly spiteful. The reason why the story also contains a lot of sexism in it is because, the two books were written in the same time period.

They were written in the period when women had to do as they were told, and had to respect their husbands no matter what. If they never did this then they would bring shame upon themselves.A quote in ‘Wuthering Heights’ to show this is, “It is your fault Helen..

. ou should have taken him from me! ” This is said to Nelly Dean from Hindley. He is blaming Nelly Dean for his faults, he had dropped his own child when he was in no fit state to be handling him, and the blame all fall on Nelly dean and she must accept it. The previous quote from ‘The tenant of Wildfell Hall’ is a good quote to prove that there is sexism in that book as-well. Another quote to prove that Heathcliff is a disgraceful person and only cares about himself and also contributes towards the notion that he likes to corrupt his own child is, “Now, my bony lad, you are mine!And we’ll see if one tree won’t grow as crooked as another, with the same twist of wind.

” As we can see, Heathcliff is corrupting his son to be like he is, so that it will be easy to control him and so that his son will obey Heathcliff’s orders. A quote to prove that Arthur has some of the same features as Heathcliff, and likes to corrupt his own innocent child is, “So the little fellow came down every evening in spite of his cross mama, and learned to tipple wine like papa, to swear like Mr. Hattersley, and to have his own was like a man.This shows that Arthur is teaching his son the wrong ethics and it also proves that he has no respect for what his wife thinks, because he is corrupting their son even though his wife disproves. These were some of the similarities and differences between the two main characters in both of the books. I believe that the two novels which were written were exceptionally well thought of and written, after considering all of the problems which the sisters were faced with.

It is interesting o see where they got the ideas about, and why they decided to write about the notions which feature in both of the books.


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