Discussing Jealousy Essay

In the deep, dark, depths of the back streets of Rome a master scheme was planned.

A group called ‘ The Untouchables’ were devising a heist on the biggest bank in Italy, the plan was ready down to the tiniest detailThe scheme was to hack into the Italian Traffic Light Grid and cause a major traffic jam while Sam and Max stole ‘The goods’ from the large transit van marked with the word Federal Bank Of Italy. They were already to go until the phone rang Sam felt a fear of impending doom,”Hello”A low raspy voice replied back ” This is Don Vittorio I have been reliably informed that you plan to scam the bank of Italia. Is this true?Sam denied all knowledge and tries to act dumb by saying, ” Nope, Your Information must be wrong”Don Vittorio shouts ” NEVER LIE TO THE MAFIA” Sam puts the phone down paralysed with fear. He stutters out ” Thhhhhat was the head of the MAFIA, He knows of our plan! “”Please tell me you’re joking Sam” Exclaimed MaxMeanwhile in Don Vittorio’s office, a grungy basement in an old abandoned house, Don Vittorio is on the phone to his head henchman Alexander”Alexander I have been lied to by two low life scum of the earth called Sam and Max I WANT THEM DEAD!”Killing the two would not be a simple task as Sam was a chunky lad who was about six foot four and weighed about two hundred lbs; Max was of a similar build with a muscular physique.It was during the rush hour that Sam and Max would strike causing chaos in the centre of Rome there would be cars smashing into each other everywhere and the Italian police would be all over the place trying to cope with the traffic.

They also listened in on radios to find the exact position of the van as it left the depot.Don Vittorio knew nothing about the plans apart from that Sam and Max would be driving a red Ford Mustang with a white stripe right down the middle, So all his main men were on the look out for that car as it is not common in Italy.The time of reckon had came, time for Sam and max to strike, they sat in a multi storey car park and hacked into the computer mainframe and waited for the chaos to ensue, They figured that if they watched from a safe distance they would not be spotted and would have more time to get through their pre planned route, Sam’s heart was beating furiously also a cold sweat appeared on his forehead as a sign of anticipation. As the cars kept piling up Sam and Max struck they listened on. Their radios and found out that the van was at Juventus Avenue so they sped over there nearly crashing several times and causing extra havoc never mind the traffic jam. The traffic jam worked against them though because whilst they were speeding through one of don Vittorios henchmen spotted them whilst he was in the jam and radioed back to inform Don Vittorio who was ecstatic.Sam and Max were still speeding across town to catch the van.

They finally caught it at Bologna Street they pushed it into a dark alley, they took the security guards out beat them up then hid them in a cellar in the dead of night. They went to open the van door but they were on a timer so Sam ran to the car and got a stick of dynamite wedge it into the door panel and “BOOM”Sam just grinned as they grabbed the money and piled it into the back of the car. Meanwhile whilst all this is going on Alexander sped across town to catch Sam and Max to shoot them dead with the utmost care. Sam and Max unaware of that fact casually kept loading the money,Alexander got there, carefully and quietly snuck up on Sam and Max and ran up onto a rooftop and sat ready and waiting for the perfect time to shoot them. Alexander started to tremble with fear, as he hadn’t killed anyone with this amount of vengeance. He sat looking down the scope of his sniper rifle lining up Sam to kill him. He pulled the trigger ‘Bang’Sam was hit.

Max wondered where the shot came from looked around and saw Alexander on the roof, He ran off scared and didn’t wanted it to be known that he was the sniper. Max put Sam in the car and sped off to take him to his friend who was a fully qualified doctor so nobody would get suspicious he checked Sam in and said ” Don’t worry Buddy I’ll get him for you”Max sped off like a bullet across town to try and find Alexander, He scoured the city high and low with over one hundred million euros in his boot but Max didn’t care about that because his friends life was at stake and maybe lost to some sniper so he was seeking revenge and wasn’t going to give up until he got it!There was a knock on the mafia headquarters door. Was it Alexander or was it Max? Don Vittorio opened the door and said ” Ah Alexander I would like to congratulate you on a job well done”Max’s turns around and whispers, ” Guess again PUNK!”With that pulls a gun on Don Vittorio,” I don’t get people to do my dirty work for me””Please Please don’t shoot me! ” exclaims Don Vittorio”Get me the person that snipered my partner and I won’t shoot you”Don Vittorio gets on his intercom “Get me Alexander now”In the deep dark room Max sits with a gun to Don Vittorio’s head he says, “So, why did you do what you did? I knew it had something to do with you after that phone call”Don Vittorio replies” It was jealousy I couldn’t handle another group trying to take over the crime ring in Italy and I wasn’t happy at not being allowed to take a cut!””So you shot my friend because of Jealousy” and with that there was a knock on the door, its Alexander a six foot four tall Russian, ” So you’re the one that shot my Partner?”Alexander hangs his head in shame ” Yes it was me”Max turns the gun to Alexander and shoots him point blank.Now Don it’s only you, and me.” You gotta ask yourself Punk do you feel lucky?”Don Vittorio starts fighting Max for the gun, all that can be heard around the streets or Rome is the shattering noise of a gun, who was dead Max or Don Vittorio?


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