Display: Education and Pupil Motivation Essay

Describe the importance and purpose of displays In the school 1. 3 Describe how displays are used In the learning process.

Displaying pupil’s work is a powerful way of showing them that their work is valued. It creates a sense of achievement. It can very much boost pupil motivation.

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They should praise effort as well as perfect work. It should be that there Is a piece of work by every child on display somewhere. Displays can be used to communicate to others what the class is doing. This can include other students from different classes, other teachers, official school visitors, parents and members of the community.Displays can be simply decorative, They can make the classroom brighter, and a more interesting and stimulating place. This, in itself, can have a direct impact on pupil motivation and therefore on pupil learning. Display materials can include direct teaching aids such as anatomical models or number lines.

They can use useful reference material to support pupil learning or Information that Is Important for students to memories such as number tables, formula’s, spellings and other important factual.. The purpose of display in the classroom is not Just to make the mom look attractive, though even this will have a positive impact.As HAM Inspectorate have observed: “Where classrooms are drab and uninviting, or poorly fitted for the activities taking place In them, pupils’ morale and behavior sometimes deteriorate as a result. ” (HAM Inspectorate, 1987, p. 1 1) I think displays in school are important because they allow students to learn the usefulness of different types of data.

It can be used to promote classroom management Displays motivate and boost children’s self esteem. One of the important aspects of displaying student work is communicating with arenas and the larger school community.From preschool through high school, parents Like to know how their children are occupied during school hours. If we display student works that will engage parents in the school environment and informs them about student progress and participation.

Displaying student work in common areas fosters a sense of community, inviting students to see what is going on In other classrooms. Walking through the hallways of a school should tell a story about the learning taking place in that community, as well as enhancing the overall school environment.


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