Diversity workforce is an important aspect in the organisation

Diversity workforce is an important aspect in the organisation. It’s about respect and valuing everyone as an individual. Diversity has characteristic keys such as age, gender, race, religion and sexual orientation. Everyone has unique personality and even if they have lots in common they are also different in all sort of way.
Here are four benefits of having diversity in the organisation:

Language skills

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Companies hiring employees who speak different language can help the company to work on global basis and can help interact with broader client base. That could help the organisation growth globally. As well, having people on staff who speak more than one language can help communicate with customers from another countries like Spain, Poland or France is vital to the organisation.

Backgrounds and experiences skills

Hiring individuals from different backgrounds can increase creativity in the workplace. For example, people are open for hearing and sharing their different ideas and perspectives. This could bring verity of solutions to the table based on different experiences. Employees with different skills can learn from each other and can help come up with different ideas and solutions to achieve company goals.


Having diverse culture in the company can attract talented, ambitious and experience individuals from around the world. Working with different cultures can bring exciting perspectives, traditions and skills that individuals can learn from each other. Crossing cultures in the companies can help with develop international networking with other countries.

b. Identify and explain at least four factors that can affect organisations approach to talent planning.

Talent planning is a process of identify the key roles within an organisation and recruiting, developing, retaining and plaice right individuals into those roles.
There are many factors that can affect organisation approach to talent planning. There are internal and external factors. Internal factors include shareholders views which can have an impact on organisation strategy. As well, learning and developing programs in the company will determine internal staff move a cross within the company when needed.

External factors such which can affect organisation approach to talent planning is:


If the organisation considers planning recruiting new employees that could have impact on finical budget. The company have to see how much money is available to spend on external advertises, such as salary and benefits offerts.


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