Django Unchained : the Reality of Slavery Emerging from Darkness Essay

Django Unchained : The Reality of Slavery Emerging from Darkness Quentin Tarantino is a well known Hollywood director who has produced a number of critically acclaimed films including Pulp Fiction and Inglorious Bastards. While Tarantino has created a number of critically acclaimed movies; he truly outdid himself with his newest film, Django Unchained. >since its release, Django has won several prestigious awards including the Golden Globe for Best Screen Play. Django Unchained grossed over 402 million worldwide, making this Tarantino?s most successful film.The film takes place in the antebellum era in the South and the West. The film chronicles the life a slave who has been freed as he makes the hard journey across the United States to rescue his wife from her slave master. Tarantino had a lot to deliver with such a controversial storyl. ine.

The film had to be executed perfectly because if it fell short, the consequences could devastate his career. That being said, Tarantino went above and beyond and exceeded my expectations. Slavery has always been a sensitive topic in America. The slave era is a shameful chapter in our history and provokes a slew of emotions.For Tarantino to create a mainstream film that revolved around slavery was both ambitious and risky.

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This was a risk well worth taking because the final result was sensational. This filmmaker produced film worthy of praise and admiration from people all around the world. Django unchained opens in a starling and enticing way that draws the audience. The movie starts with a group of chained black men who had just been purchased.

All of the sudden, emerging form the darkness, a man named Schultz appears and requests to purchase Django. It is revealed that Schultz and Django can help each other achieve their goals by working together as equals.The opening sequence serves its purpose entirely; it captivates the audience and makes a strong statement. In the first ten minutes, Tarantino had already showed a few aspects of the horrors of slavery and delivered and a fast paced, action packed fight in just one scene. The beginning of the film shows the unadulterated and harsh reality of the miserable life of a slave. The beginning of the film reveals that Django had been separated from his wife and sold to the cruel Speck brothers.

The black people are treated like animals as they are chained and purchased.Tarantino wanted to perfectly capture the reality of slavery in America during the antebellum era. He wanted to accurately present the general attitude and disposition of the people living in a society that supported slavery. The n-word is one that is not used in a civilized conversation in America because it was used to demean the black people during slavery. Tarantino made it a point in the film to have the n-word used many times when the racist white people tried to demean the blacks. The shock factor of hearing the n-word being said so many times throughout the film serves its purpose thoroughly.

Tarantino wanted the audience to thoroughly understand the origin of the n-word and why it should not be used by any person. Django Unchained represents a turning point in American society. Hopefully the new generation will be able to talk openly about racism without feeling guilt and anger. Tarantino has made much more than a movie, he has created a catalyst in the American culture.

Django is Tarantino?s greatest work and deserves all the critical acclaim it has received. The climax of the film is when Django and Schultz arrive at the plantation where Django?s wife is.Although Schultz is not obligated to help Django anymore; he accompanies Django anyway to help him against the plantation owner. It can be deduced that Schultz grew to like Django as a friend and detested slavery; thus he wanted to help him get his wife back. At this point an interesting dynamic between the senior house slave, Stephen, and the plantation owner, Candie is revealed. Tarantino shows how the slavery creates a world where many slaves only care to please their slave masters.

Stephen is always trying to win Candie?s favor despite the fact that Candie treats him the way he would a young child.Tarantino approaches all aspects of slavery head on and unappolegetically. Quentin Tarnatino tackled the touch subject of slavery with a dynamic story line and honest storytelling. He refuses to approach the slave era gently and forces his audience to have a glimpse of the dismal reality of the black slaves during the antebellum era. Quentin Tarantino was name the “the single most influential director of his generation”; and after his last film Django, this title is well deserved.

Django Unchained beautifully executes Tarantino?s goal of depicting pain and retribution.


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