Do sources A, B and C give similar or different interpretations of the nature of the terrain in Flanders? Essay

Sources A, B and C all show the harsh and uncomfortable conditions that the soldiers had to put up with during the battle. They also all have the theme of water being a big problem in the trenches.

Source A does so by using humour, source B does this with a factual photo and source C does this by linking the water with the emotions in the war. All of the sources have been from Flanders or someone who has been to Flanders, which shows why the sources all have the same theme, even though the sources may have changed to give a different impression, either has done all of the sources at Flanders or. And they all have not only showed the conditions out on the battlefield they have given all of the sources to give a comparison to the conditions.Even though the sources may all give you the same sort of theme they also have many differences. All of the sources are of a different genre, source A being a cartoon, source B is a photo and source C is a painting. This means that the sources could be changed, for instance a cartoonist may take a condition and make it an extreme as done by Bairnsfather or an artist could take all of the relevant images of war and put them all on to one canvas as done by Nash.

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Bu the photo cannot do this; even though they posed for this photo you still can see the actual conditions and the situation in a realistic view. Also sources A and C have been changed to fit different peoples opinions. The painting is filled with a lot of emotion and the cartoon has portrayed the idea f the flooding trenches with humour. But the photo again shows us the realism of the situation.After looking at the evidence I have decided that all of the sources all give information that can be useful to someone wanting to know about the terrain I Flanders but I also think that because all of the sources are three different peoples perspectives on the terrain in Flanders and also because of the nature of the source. Because source is a cartoon source b is a photo and source c is a painting. This is why I believe that the three sources do give a good description together so you can see all of the opinions but by there own they are not strong enough sources.


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