Do the parents have only the rights in educating their children in regards to sex education

Do the parents have only the rights in educating their children in regards to sex education? Increasing births among adolescent is one of the critical population issue, as what Normal Demographic and Health survey revealed that percentage of women age 15-19 in Caraga who have begun childbearing significantly decreased from 38 percent in 2013 to 8.2 percent in 2017 but however the Philippines has still the highest number of teenage pregnancy among other Asian countries. And what’s very alarming is still Caraga ranked at number 8, besides it’s still a good news since previously Caraga region we’re ranked at number 1. There may be a decrease of 20 percent but we still badly need the implementation of Sex Education in schools. How about the remaining percent? Sex Education hasn’t implemented yet but how much more if it is implemented in schools, there would really a high chance that Caraga region will be no longer in the ranked of teenagers engaging sex at the early age and also the HIV cases will be lessened. The implementation of Sex Education will be very helpful since it only aims to provide a better view of sex which teenagers are being naive. Sex Education provides only accurate and relevant information about the physical and emotional changes that children and young people will experience throughout their formative years and into adulthood, and establish an awareness of the importance of stable family life and relationships, including the responsibilities of parenthood and marriage. Not probably that they must try sex.
Although some say that implementation of Sex Education is too risky. Most of the teachers who are given the assignment of showing sex training to understudies are not experts and have unclear concerns thoughts regarding sexual wellbeing themselves. This is significantly more destructive as mistaken data is deadly as it can leave a wrong impact on the students. If not instructed appropriately, sex education in school can turn into a matter of mockery.
More than half of parents do not think sex education should be taught in school. Besides parents think that teaching sex education to their children will make them engage in sexual activities. This has been a common fear among parents, their children might deprive their innocence resulting to indulge their curiosity and try sex at a very young age. It’s always been a parents choice to educate their own child. Parent’s believed that it is much better to learn it at home for it is much more comfortable and secure environment whereas in school if it is not implemented well it may stir their curiosity and instead of avoiding it then they will try it.
Before implementing Sex Education, the teacher who will be assigned to this field will be first educated. The teacher will undergo a lot of seminars in how he/she can deliver the lesson very well since sex is a very sensitive topic. But then again the emergence of Sex Education was made to address the problem of increasing number of youth who enter sexual intercourse at the young age and also to lessen the reported cases of HIV in Caraga. Whereas DOH 13 said the year 1995 to January 2018 that HIV cases have total 471 with an age afflicted 15-50 years old. Proper and well planned of addressing Sex Education among youth will likely lead them to be responsible when it comes to sex matter.
And in fact, not all students have parents to educate for them, how they can able raise their awareness if there’s no one will educate for them. Schools are believed to be a second home and it’s really a good thing to have sex education in schools of Butuan city both private and public.
In summary, sex education was made to address the increasing number of teenagers who engage in early pregnancies and many reported HIV cases. It is only the best way to lessen this number of teenagers who engage in it. And of course the Dep-Ed first will provide and release well-trained teachers. Of course to the teachers who will be assigned will for sure undergo a lot of pieces of training and seminars. For they have the big responsibilities in addressing the sex matter to students plus the fact that sex is a very sensitive topic. School is we all know a second home where students learn new things it can also a key to provide accurate information on sex if it only mandated in schools and implemented very well.


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