Do UFO’s really exist? Sample Essay

Can you conceive of yourself on a warm Friday dark in mid-summer.

sitting on your fellow or girlfriends couch innocently watching the newest High-fidelity release from Blockbuster. As the film gets traveling. and the foreign signifier abducts it’s victim and takes it off into infinite. you think to yourself how pathetic it is for you to be watching this type of film. because you know that this state of affairs could ne’er happen in existent life. However.

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you keep watching because for some ground or another. the secret plan fascinates you. You keep watching for about 20 more proceedingss. but so shortly get down to free involvement in the film. But so. all of a sudden. you yourself are swept off from the sofa which you were sitting on.

and taken into the stars by what scientists call an Unidentified Flying Object. or UFO. Well. some people have claimed that they have been in the state of affairs which I have merely stated. The most popular and appealing impression about UFO’s is the extraterrestrial hypothesis. that is. the thought that intelligent existences from other planets are sing Earth.

Allthough some people believe that the thoughts of foreigners and UFO’s are wholly insane and should be disreguarded. others believe that the possibility of other signifiers of life. on other workss.

is a definite possibility and should be farther explored. Personally. I believe that foreigners and UFO’s do be for many grounds. In the existence. there are millions of stars and galaxies. many like our ain.

Several of these workss have been tested and are capable of holding life. due to the conditions and environmental conditions. The bad portion is that we can merely see a really little fraction of this immense existence. One Rand Corporation survey. for illustration.

produced a figure of 600 million planets in the Milky Way galaxy capable of back uping intelligent life. More conservative analyses have produced a figure of 10 million habitable planets and a figure of 4. 5 million planets on which sufficient clip has elapsed for life to hold evolved to intelligence.

There have been several UFO sightings in which could non be explained by today’s scientists. One of the many illustrations of this is Project Twinkle. Undertaking Twinkle was a extremely secret survey of objects that appeared to be green bolides that were spotted on legion occasions in New Mexico in the late 1940’s.One of the first recorded stainings was by a piolate of an aeroplane. He claimed that he saw a green freshness in the distance. but so it quickly began to speed up towards the plane.

and travel in a manner which he had ne’er seen anything such as a jet move earlier. As the object moved closer. the piolit saw that it had a shiney. level surface. However. before he could acquire a better position. the UFO all of a sudden flew back off into the distance.

and could no longer be seen. Several other oculus informants besides gave their testimonies on their visual perceptions of the UFO’s. The Air Force put together a lasting undertaking to analyze these specific UFO’s. in trusting that they could detect what they truly were. At first. they UFO’s were thought to be a fast one that Russia was playing on us. and they thought that the UFO’s were other planes or meteors. That country of New Mexico was besides known as a missle proving country every bit good.

so the green bolides were thought by some people as missles that by chance went off.But after seting all of the grounds and computations together. the top functionaries of the probes realized that they had no logical account for what the UFO’s truly were. so they concluded that the green balls were merely odly-colored meteors. although there were several people who found these computations impossible because of the conditions. Another instance of UFO’s and foreigners that could non be explained took topographic point on a cracker households belongings in Kentucky several old ages ago. The household was sitting on their proch one dark holding a little get together which consisted of about seven people. As two of the work forces were reasoning.

the youngest male child noticed a glow comming from the corner of their grazing land. about one Forth of a stat mi off. At first. the grownups took no notice to this. but so they excessively saw the freshness. and saw that it bit by bit would acquire bigger.

so fade off. The proprietor of the house and his brother got their guns. and began to walk out to the grazing land to see what the unusual visible radiation truly was. When they got about 50 pess off from the house. the adult male and his brother saw a unusual figure in a tree on their manner out. As they walked closer. the figure reportedly stood up. alowing the work forces to see a clear position of its signifier.

The work forces described the animal as about four pess tall with an abnormally big caput. and weaponries that hung down past it’s articulatio genuss. practically touching where it was standing. The work forces shot at the foreigner. strike harding it from the tree. However. it got up an walked off. aparentally unhurt.

The work forces ran back to the house. stating their married womans and kids to remain indoors. They so heard a sound on the roof. and went back outside to the porch. saw the foreigner on the roof. and shot it once more ; one time once more. non harming it. This clip the animal was so close that the eyewitnesses could see that it was made of a shiney metalic looking stuff.

and as it ran off. easy. it looked as if it used its weaponries to steer it. The foreigner was reported seen several other times that dark.

a few times in the kitchen and sleeping room Windowss. and a few times in different topographic points in the pace. The following twenty-four hours. the household went in town and reported what had happened. and in no clip. research workers were allready at their house. Allthough no pes prints of any kind were found. there were Markss where the animal had fallen from the tree.

and a topographic point of burned grass out where the freshness of visible radiation had origionally been seen.Some research workers said that the household. being one that lived in isolation in the center of no where. could hold merely wanted attending and arranged the ‘alien encounter’ themsleves. However.

no existent decision was drawn from this incident. Another piece of grounds that UFO’s could be is the fact that people have been “abducted” before. One instance of this refers to an 18 year old male child in Europe who had an episode of losing clip and related sightings of several phonograph records like trades over many old ages of his life. He told his physician everything he could retrieve in great item. and the physician reported that everything he said was from witting memory. The male child told that physician that his escapades were “dream-like.

” but yet they seemed so existent. In some of his escapades. the male child claimed that sometimes he would be winging. so fast. through clip. He claimed that the feeling was magnificant and after each trip. he would ever look frontward to it once more. In another instance.

a miss reported that she could retrieve foreigners kidnaping her every bit immature as the age of 2.She said that she could retrieve so puting her out on a tabular array. and making painful things to her. One illustration she gave was that they tried to take her oculus ball out. and now. at a much older age. she has cataracs. and blames that aliens for doing it.

In both of those foreign abduction instances. there was some physical grounds that something had happened to the people. Strange markers would look on their organic structures. This came in the signifier of tegument alterations that appeared overnight.

They would travel to bed without Markss on their tegument and the following forenoon would rouse to the galvanizing realisation that some unknown force had effected his or her tegument. There were grounds of hurts that appeared as Burnss. others that were in the signifier of points organizing assorted forms such as trigons. squares. rectangles or other geometric forms.

To most of us. the thought that some people have really been taken over by foreigners merely seems like some unrealistic Si-Fi film. which could ne’er go on to us.

But think to youself: God created the existence. and us along with it. Why would he merely make one type of people who are capable of intellegence. when he himself is capable of making anything? We human existences are merely able to abserve a really little part of the sky. and have no thought what lays beond the boundary lines. I encourage everyone to be unfastened minded when the inquiries of extraterrestial life comes to conversation. and see all that we know. and do non cognize.

when doing you determination on what you think is true.


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