Do We Sympathise with Women in the Great Gatsby? Sample Essay

What do you believe About the Position that there are No Women in ‘The Great Gatsby’ With Whom the Reader Can Sympathize?

On first looking into the fresh ‘The Great Gatsby’ . anyone who read it shallowly plenty would happen it near impossible to be able to sympathize with any female character in the book. Fitzgerald’s usage of Nick as a storyteller could arguably be the chief position of negativeness upon the adult females. as his narrative warps the reader’s position on the characters through his male point of view. Besides. Fitzgerald’s presentation of adult females is of really small positiveness in general. Fitzgerald appears to hold gathered the category types of adult females in the 1920’s epoch and conjured a stereotype for each of them. Daisy Buchanan being the typically beautiful. wealthily married adult female of whom has work forces falling at her pess. Myrtle Wilson being the working category. coarse adult female who dreams of more than what she’s worth and Jordan Baker who is portrayed as the strongest female character who works for herself independently and stands on her ain pess.

These are the lone female characters throughout the novel that are presented in any big item. In comparing to the male characters. these adult females have been written in a manner about to foreground the positiveness of portraiture within the male characters in the novel. Fitzgerald uses the 1920’s period to envelop smaller inside informations of his female characters. utilizing the epoch of crazes. wind. parties. revolution. freedom. and independency of adult females to construction the novel with subjects of self-importance and philistinism. Daisy being the more centrally focussed female in the fresh examples all of these properties of the 20’s within her relationships with people. her address and her determinations during the novel. Wealth and glamors are critical in Daisy’s life obviously following with her get marrieding a adult male whose aggression is touched upon. cogent evidence of falseness and shallow features nevertheless with the consistent ability to supply for her with the showy criterion of life she requires. Daisy’s visual aspect is focused upon strongly by Fitzgerald through Nick instantly foregrounding superficial qualities she possesses. Daisy’s voice is described as ‘full of money’ as she expresses her careless love for Gatsby.

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It could be argued that Daisy’s love for Gatsby is more for his money. and Gatsby’s perceptual experience of Daisy and Daisy’s life being his biggest desire for old ages. Daisy’s muliebrity is exposed by her contrasting friend Jordan Baker who’s more of a darker. masculine adult female with independency. which could associate to Gatsby’s dream of possessing Daisy. building the favoured image of a adult female in that clip period for the reader. Sex is besides overdone during Daisy’s expose of beauty. ‘her face was sad and lovely with bright things in it. bright eyes and a bright passionate oral cavity. ’ However. the reader’s perceptual experience of Daisy will change numerously throughout the novel due to the anticipations of her. the events that occur affecting her and the adversity she endures with Gatsby and Tom. Daisy is presented throughout the novel as the image of Gatsby’s dream. His dream of money and ownership of Daisy represents the desires of those of the 1920’s who lived abundantly dark and twenty-four hours blinking about their money. imbibing overly ; prosecuting the life they so wish to see without sing the hereafter penalties of the Wall Street Crash. organised offense and prohibition.

This withholds the symbolism of Gatsby desiring to be with Daisy and populating the life he has dreamed of for so long that he overlooks the consequence of his actions. But is it physically possible to vie with any human’s dream-like perceptual experience of one’s ego? How is she supposed to manage this finely. without abandoning the safety cyberspace provided for her by her dysfunctional hubby Tom Buchanan? A batch is expected of Daisy’s character from the reader as a consequence of Nick’s narrative. Nick presents Daisy as a strong adult female. who is purportedly really shallow in most state of affairss ; nevertheless she is proven to non be as strong or shallow as she’s presented. When Gatsby instructs Daisy to state Tom she ne’er loved Tom ( chapter 7 ) she reluctantly does so. even though this isn’t true. However. Tom is non the guiltless portion in this love trigon. The reader knows that Tom is holding an matter with Myrtle Wilson. however Tom is loath to allow Daisy go forth him or demo any mark of repellence to him whatsoever.

In this manner. we find it possible to sympathize with Daisy as she is being asked a batch of from both work forces. to go forth her content. affluent. simple life she has with Tom to follow her bosom and rekindle her love with Gatsby from five old ages ago. and to bury the adult male she fell in love with so passionately 5 old ages ago for Tom and go on populating this despairing life she leads. falsely happy ; but persist with her flamboyancy. Daisy is simply a portion of the continuum of Nick. Tom and Gatsby’s descriptions. Scenery is a simple yet keen manner to depict the mode of Myrtle’s life. The Wilson’s live in The Valley of Ashes. which is described as ‘ [ The Eyes of Dr. J. Eckleburg ] brood over a grave dumping land. ’ This instantly introduces the reader to the category of Myrtle Wilson and her hubby George. The vale of ashes is described as the most abhorrent location in the novel ; the result of the waste of all the upper category of New York. doing ulterior events even more important. A certain sum of understanding is formed for Myrtle by the reader in the happening of Tom interrupting her olfactory organ when she insists on shouting Daisy’s name repeatedly.

The ferociousness of Tom creates a sense of understanding for Myrtle because he has caused her physical injury merely at the reference of his wife’s name. This high spots Tom’s favoritism for Daisy over Myrtle in this case. go forthing Myrtle 2nd best. On the other manus. it may be somewhat more hard to sympathize for Myrtle in this instance of her insistence on forcing Tom by utilizing Daisy’s name about disrespectfully even by stating it about as blasphemy. This could besides coerce the reader to immediately dislike Myrtle and experience nil but abhorrence for her ( which could besides trip the reader’s understanding for Daisy ) . Yet. there are other factors Myrtle carries within her life which could arouse the reader to sympathize for her. It is known that Myrtle is in love with Tom. and attempts to carry him to go forth Daisy for her. Does she love him for him. non for his money? This is arguable. Her despairing effort to step in into the upper category universe. her inability to populate merrily with her hubby. her sterility ; these are all sad properties of Myrtle’s life.

Her vulgar personality is a immense factor the reader holds as an alibi for their disliking of her as a character. but the fact that Myrtle fails to accept that she will merely of all time be portion of The Valley of Ashes with the other on the job category people ends within her agony and eventually her decease. The concluding and arguably least important female character in the novel is Jordan Baker. What comes to mind instantly is that Jordan Baker is ( in ways like Daisy ) a portion of Nick’s life he includes when he feels self witting about himself and decides to include something to make with his ain personal businesss with love. Jordan ne’er becomes her ain character ; she stays about as a 2nd narrative underneath the chief narration of Nick’s description of Gatsby’s events Nick will travel back to when he deems it of import. Whilst being used minimally by Nick. she besides comes 2nd to Daisy. Jordan is non about every bit attractive or wanted by work forces as Daisy is. She besides contrasts Daisy’s personality wholly ; with Daisy being caught up within a bosom and head state of affairs. Jordan is in complete power over all her emotions and seldom finds herself in any such state of affairs.

The reader may be able to sympathize with Jordan as Nick about uses her to carry through his emptiness when it comes to relationships. ‘I had no miss who’s disembodied floated along the dark valances and blinding marks. and so I drew up the miss beside me- ’ literally fall backing to the nearest miss. although Jordan clearly has feelings for Nick. However it is arguable that the reader should swear Nick’s description of Jordan. as he seems to hold a kind of antipathy for all adult females he encounters. finally Jordan going one of them. Jordan besides is described by Nick with rather minimum character attributes with the exclusion of being fallacious and difficult. Jordan plays more of a representational character. symbolizing other upper category adult females who purportedly besides have sternness about them. seldom turning their emotions to work out any jobs they encounter. To reason. I do non hold with the statement that there are no adult females in which we can sympathize with throughout the fresh ‘The Great Gatsby’ . Every adult female in the novel has their ain back narrative as to why they do what they do. even if some of their actions are indefensible. Besides. the narrative of Nick is awfully influential to the reader. coercing the position of the work forces in the novel upon the reader. forcing the negative point of view.


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