Do you have a thing that you possessed the most

Do you have a thing that you possessed the most? I am sure you do. All of us have at least one thing that is special for us. Valuable thing is not always about the price, perhaps it is because of the story behind it or other certain reasons. Laptop is my most prized possesion, because this is the first expensive thing that i bought with own money. I work as a tutor and I saved my salary. Then i bought this laptop as a reward for myself because i have worked hard. This laptop has a simple design and equipted with good and easy features to manage that makes me love this laptop more.
My laptop is HP 14-ck0012TU which has lightweight chassis and dominated with black jet color. There is HP logo emboss inside of a circle in the middle of the case. Measuring 33.5 x 23.4 x 1.99 cm and weighing 1,47 kg. It has a lightweight and a wide screen. Eventhough this laptop is light, but it is not as easy as netbook to carry. The speaker is above the keyboard elongated on the right side of the power button. All the buttons including the touchpad have the same black color as the surrounding chassis. Its shallow keystrokes are suitable to type, and the clickable zones are designed like mouse which separated into two, right and left.
Furthermore, this laptop is equipted with good and easy features to manage. Featured with Intel® Celeron® N4000 as the microprocessor which it is claimed has a better performance than AMD. This laptop uses windows home 10 as based operating system, and has 4 GB RAM memory. The battery life up to 7 hours which enough for student who has full day class. This laptop is also featured with bluetooth and web cam. Do not expect too much to any webcam with sub 4 million rupiahs laptop range, but the quality of this web cam is not that bad. Eventhough the picture is little bit grainy, but it still can capture color fairly well.
In short, price is not the main reason


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