Do You Think School Uniform Is Necessary? Essay

Imagine waking up every morning, hopping out of bed and automatically burdening yourself on what outfit you will be wearing today. What shoes am I going to wear? What top? What pair of bottoms? Should I wear this or that? Why be in the state of worrying so much about your appearance when there can be uniforms that can steer students minds off the Judgment of others, make all students look presentable and save money on buying a heap of new clothing ? Uniforms are great when it comes to a students self esteem, Knowing they’re going to school in a outfit that is worn by everybody else around them.It will make things easier in the morning, waking up bright to learn something new everyday and having no worries what so ever of an outfit to put together. It will save plenty of time in the morning and will keep pupils out of the mirror, not having to worry if what they’re wearing is good enough.

This way , students will be able to think straight without having to compare their insecurities with others students at school. They will definitely have there mind set on their education and less on their appearance.As we both know, school is for learning and having our heads held high for our future ahead, not a fashion parade.

Don’t we all like to honor our school and look well presented to the public? Uniform is a great way to state that example! By wearing a uniform, People can notice and maybe even remember some of the great things we had ever offered to the public or achieved in things such as sports, Learning competitions and such. Wearing a school emblem and a particular uniform can make the school you go to noticed for what hey do best and to be known by it forever.Honoring our school by representing and showing pride to where you have attended school for majority of your learning can be a great thing, Just by wearing your uniform! Going to a school that allows free dress all the time would be a brag. It shows poor concern for their students education and future Just by their appearance. It would bring stress levels to the Max and create more visits to shopping centers, knowing if they don’t find a new out fit..

It would be hard to fit in with those individuals that only ear brand names.Though, wearing a uniform can kill that stress and save a heap of money! There will be no need to spend all your money on outfits and more money to be saved up for things that are more important such as stationary and future goals. This way you will be a happy camper, stressing less about a new look and its price tag and having plenty of money saved for that laptop you’ve been needing for school, right? In conclusion, I really do believe School uniforms should be compulsory at all schools.Being unique and expressing yourself can be a great thing but when it comes to school , I think a students mind should be set on their school work and less on their appearance. Uniforms build a positive attitude towards their education at school , their education itself and their overall presentation to themselves and their school. Uniforms are a great thing to lift spirits of schools up and to give each school a sense of individuality and pride from others. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts on school uniforms.


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